My Hive Goals for @invest4free - Week 16

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This is my weekly rewards report for the #MyHiveGoals challenge put out by @robwillmann.

With this account I want to show that it is possible to build an online business/investment portfolio without any fiat money invested at the start.

My goals are:

  • 500 hive power
  • 10000 ctp staked

Currently my holdings are:

  • Hive Power: 181,413
  • CTP: 3686
  • curation APR: 4,4%

Hive Power goal: 36,28%
CTP stake goal: 36,86%

My Big Hairy Audacious Goal:

  • Road to dolphin (5000 Hive Power): 3,63%

Growth needed to reach goal by the end of the year:

  • CTP: 420,9 per week
  • Hive Power: 21,239 per week

What happened this week

My blog’s are rewarded nicely, but it doesn’t look like I will be able to get enough traction to reach my goals just by blogging and engaging only. I will continue to write quality posts here and there, but it looks like I average 10 Hive per week now, which is nice. OCD is aparently curating in the hivehustlers community, so who knows what will happen. Luckily I have a few other options to invest in Hive power and CTP tokens.

Coinbase Earn

This week I was able to make a nice jump in my Hive power, due to some free CELO tokens through the Coinbase Earn program. Read more about that in the blog I wrote about it here.


I am also half way to my first CBM withdrawal from Cryptobrewmaster. It looks like that will result in a 50+ Hive pay day, so that is something to look forward too. If that interests you then use my referral link so that we both get some free ingredients to speed up the production progress: Click here

Brave browser BAT rewards

I also have some BAT in my mobile browser that I will try to convert to hive soon. As you cannot connect your wallet yet on IOS, I have to tip myself to be able to get it to my uphold wallet. This is not a major income stream, but it nice.


My dcity is now producing about 0,25 Hive per day. For now I will keep building it, but eventually I will start taking profits. More dcity info in tomorrow’s update :)

LEO price rally

If you haven’t heard it. LEO is going the DeFi route. Very soon wLeo (wrapped LEO) will exist on the Ethereum blockchain and a liquidity pool will be set up on Uniswap and other places. Since you can potentially get some amazing returns on providing liquidity to one of these decentralized liquidity pools people are buying a lot more LEO tokens lately. This means that the LEO token went from about 0,15 Hive to 0,50 Hive in about a week. That’s a 300+% growth.

Since the GAS prices on ETH are pretty high, this liquidity thing is not really for small investors. But you can take advantage of the higher LEO price on hive-engine. Which I have.

What I have been doing over the last week is selling 50% of my LEO rewards for the current highest offer on the market and selling the rest for a higher price. So that means I have a sell order for 0,6 Hive per LEO token on the market. I also have buy orders at the 0,25 and 0,2 level, so that I get some LEO again if the prices were to go down.

I am also powering down all of my LEO stake and with that I will likely do the same. Sell some for the current price and then put sell orders all the way up to 1 Hive per LEO token. I might even set some at 2 or 3 Hive, just in case this thing completely explodes and LEO goes 10x Hive.


I have also converted some of the LEO profits into @Mpath tokens as this directly influences the amount of upvotes I get from the MAP Fin Tech project. Along with dcity this is one of the best investments opportunities on hive-engine if you ask me.

Hive power delegation

I won two 200 Hive power delegations from engaging on the daily spotlight I am alive challenge post by @iamalivechallenge, so all of a sudden this account has more voting power than my other account. It looks like that might give me about 1 Hive in curation rewards per week. So that is very nice. Because of that I have also decided to start following @ph1102’s curation trail at @ph1102.ctptrail. I am hoping that also increases my CTP curation rewards.

So that is it for this week.

Thank you for the support guys, you make all the difference. Let’s grow together!

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Nice progress....
I am also on my Goal of 4k CTP token staked...
Its good that you are postjngvthe report also...
Nice way thanks for the idea also....


I like to make this weekly report. Feel free to do the same. It or good to track your goals.

I like your reports! :)

I am also half way to my first CBM withdrawal from Cryptobrewmaster.

I will also be close to that 1K, but still thinking about what to do with the tokens... Maybe I will keep them... there are too many things on the road to implement in the game, so not sure about quick selling :)

Thanks for joining the trail! I hope it will be beneficial for you!

Yes, probably it is worth keeping them. But I will take at least some profit.

Yeah... I should to that more often... I mean take some profits... lol...
Doing better than 2-3 years ago, but still... :)

It’s difficult to take profits when things could potentially get higher.

But since you do but know the future it is almost always best to think about what you want to sell or buy and then buy half of that amount. Then you wait what the price does.

If it goes up, then you have some left. If it goes down then at least you took some profit.

Also in the stock market a very common saying is: buy the rumour, but sell on the news.

Yeah... all that is nice in a theory... and everything works like a charm when prices are going up... :)

Don't get me wrong, I agree with you... The only problem is to prepare yourself mentally for those things :)

True, that is the hard part.

It also works when prices go down by the way.

Btw joining the trail is very beneficial. All of a sudden I actually use my ctp voting power.

Nice to see your progress man, just proves the point that it's very much an alternative to start for free, keep it up.

Good progress.
Good to hear that you got CELO tokens from Coinbase earn. (Coinbase earn is worth it)
I also have few bat tokens on my ios phone, will have to try the tip option to get it to uphold.

You need to be a registered publisher. For me registering my Reddit account was the easiest way to be able to tip myself

Yes i am, its associated with my twitter account.

Ah that works well too

This is a great report - you are making some nice progress on your goals :) I don't doubt you will achieve them all quicker than you think lol.

I was able to take part in the CELO earnings as well. I love that Coinbase offers the earning tokens section. It helps me build up my portfolio so I can covert them and eventually buy some HIVE :)

I also am playing CBM and it is so fun! I am about half way to the payout mark so making steady progress since I just started really recently playing it lol.

There are so many contests & activities to earn delegations and HIVE so it's pretty nice when you have clear goals and can participate in these things to accelerate the progress :)

Wishing you the best! Keep rocking it! :)

Ah yes, there are so many opportunities for a new account that I find that I even have to be very selective. Otherwise I don’t focus and don’t finish anything.

One of those focus points is dcity. For me it bridges low maintenance, fun game mechanics and really good profitability. But you need to invest in dcity for it too work, so I often get the question where to get the money from.

I now point people to cryptobrewmaster as the easiest way to quickly earn some hive to invest.

Yes Cryptobrewmaster works best for me since my time is limited. I can just click a few buttons & "drink" brew. Can't get better than that ha ha ha. :)

Dcity I haven't gotten into but maybe sometime down the line....I am like you, I have to be selective as well. When I have too many things to do, I get too scattered & have more anxiety. So sometimes less is more ;)

Oh absolutely. Less is more.

For a good start in dcity you need at least 40 hive, a hundred is better. But you earn that back in 9-10 months by my calculations. Which is an epic roi.

My dcity for @elbrava is now worth about 650 hive, because I invested a bit more 😅

Wow that is nice!! Like a long term investment, basically. You go with your bad self lolol.

It is awesome how we can all build our Hive wealth in so many different ways! 😃

Absolutely and dcity gets really addictive when you have started to really invest.

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Wow, that was fast. At this rate I’ll get that next 1000 votes in the next week or so 😝

I am sure you do @invest4free😉

Keep the reports coming, @invest4free. It's interesting to read about your progress and also pick up some tips. I will check out Cryptobrewmaster via your link.

Thanks for the kind words. I believe cryptobrewmaster is an awesome faucet at the moment.

At the moment it is very simple in concept. Truly a minimum viable product, but eventually it will become a lot more complicated.

Nice progress and good detailed report.

Thank you

great report and future goals 😀

Thank you!

It's nice to see a complete report from someone that is utilizing several different opportunities in Hive. It helps to get an overall picture of what is possible. I have recently gotten in the involved in dCity and CBM. I'll just have to see how long it takes before I can build up a good income for those games.


For cbm it requires daily doing the missions (click the start button and then wait 2-3 hours to collect the ingredients for your next beer).

For dcity, whatever you invest will come back to you in about 9-10 month’s. Also the more you invest, the more you get. Also it compounds if you reinvest your sim into new cards.

To get into the top300 of dcity it looks like you will now have to invest 600+ hive. Next month that might be 700. The more you have, the more you grow and the harder it will be for people to catch up with you.

Thanks for the information. I have been doing tasks daily on CBM. I currently have a little over 400 tokens.

With dCity, I have not invested much at all. I guess I won't make in into the Top 300 any time soon. I will have to piddle with that one for a while until I earn some more Hive/SIM. I don't plan on investing that much right away (I don't even have that much HP, yet. I would invest there first). I do appreciate you letting me know what it takes, though.

Personally I would invest some in dcity and then use like 50% of the sim income to boost my hive power. Since the sim income will grow faster than your curation rewards from hive power.

But I have to admit that I don’t do that either, since I want to grow my dcities for both accounts as fast as possible.

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll keep that in mind as I build my city. Right now I am in "accumulation mode" and trying to build up as fast as I can, but my investment money is going into CTP Swarm Booster (@ctpsb) for the rest of this month. I will re-evaluate at the beginning of next month.

That sounds like a good plan. Do let me know what you find.

Those are awesomely detailed progress reports, @invest4free! Thank you for sharing what you're working on!

Thank you Lisa

Keep on keeping on!

This is an informative post with great resources to earning hive/ctptalk tokens.

Than you for the kind words

lots of good information here. I traded all my BAT to Hive the other day, with what I had and a few other dollars in Uphold I ended up with 290 Hive. I am also almost half way to 1k CBM, I end up forgetting about that game waiting for some of the cool downs. I'm glad I saw your goals it reminded me that I need to post mine for the week tonight. lol

Oh that’s awesome 290 hive is a very significant jump 😎👍

I’ll look out for your hive Goals post then.

I also am not the most efficient with cryptobrewmaster, but still I’m making nice progress.

I’ve tried the good ingredients, but that just costs a lot of cbm and it doesn’t give you a much better sale price for your beer.

Good luck @invest4free
You are doing good in your hive journey. I wish for your success.

Thank you!

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