My Hive Goals for @invest4free - Week 6

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This is my weekly rewards report for the #MyHiveGoals challenge put out by @robwillmann.

With this account I want to show that it is possible to build an online business without any fiat money invested at the start. All will be built on earning crypto, most of all by creating content and engaging on the Hive Blockchain. Let’s build a business for free!

My original goal was to grow to 50 Hive Power by the end of the year, which wasn’t really a challenge at all. So I revised that goal to 250 Hive Power, which is 8+ Hive Power growth per week. At the current growth rate this is a very challenging goal. Although with the massive tips and prices from contests I got the last weeks, it is very possible indeed!

My second goal for CTP was to grow to 2500 CTP staked, but this seems to not be challenging at all. So I updated this goal to 10000 CTP staked by the end of the year. Road to 10k CTP, here I come :)

Currently my token holdings are:

  • Hive Power: 62
  • CTP: 1127
  • Sports: 5232
  • Leo: 14
  • Pal: 36
  • Neoxag: 82
  • Bilpcoin: 292
  • Hustler: 2000
  • Kanda: 6
  • Sim: 13

Hive Power goal: 25,14%
CTP stake goal: 11,27%
Curation APR: 3,2%

Thanks to a delegation by @jongolson and a delegation from my main account @elbrava the Total Hive Power for this account is now almost 100 Hive Power. Which means that my curation rewards start to come in reliably.

I am making really good progress towards my Hive Power goal. I have added 18 Hive Power this week. My average payout per post is close to 1 Hive and I won two! contests for 22,5 Hive in total. I did invest half of those in dcity, because I believe that dcity is the best investment opportunity available on Hive at the moment. And it is really fun.

But I have set a rule for myself that I will not invest Hive rewards from posts into dcity. I do not want to jeopardize my Hive Power and road to 10k CTP goals. So, I will sell 50% of all Leo, Pal, Neoxag and Bilpcoin tokens and if I manage to win any contests, I will also use 50% of the prize money to invest in dcity. The rest will be powered up.

Thank you for the support guys, you make all the difference. Let’s grow together!

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Slow and steady... is always a good way to do it...

and one thing.... fix @jongolsen to @jongolson 😀


Ah thanks, I changed it.

Great update, and really nice to see you move forward and growing, don't be surprised if you have to adjust the goals even further.

Thanks and I won’t be surprised if I have to adjust them some more indeed.

That is, if I keep getting big upvotes or win more contests.

It’s very nice that I can now expect to get some reliable curation rewards. Some I’m excited to see how much that will help.

Yeah you do need to work a bit on your level of upvotes with that HP, and also timing on upvotes on posts to maximize your returns, but you will get there.

Yeah, until it reaches 150 hive power I will keep it at 100%