Woohoo! I hit 500 hive level tonight

in #myhivegoals8 months ago

So I just logged in and saw I had rewards waiting. When I claimed my rewards, I finally hit the 500 Hive reward level. Here's my screenshot of my powered up Hive:

20200627 01_13_28Rob Willmann  robwillmann _ PeakD.png

My ultimate #myHiveGoal is 5000, with 2500 as an intermediary goal.


Peace and Love,



Congrats on 500 and good luck on towards your next goals :-)

Thanks! My next goal is 2500, half way to 5000. I am enjoying how this continues to pick up speed. 😀

Congratulations on the 500HP milestone! Next stop, 1K!

Have a great weekend!

Thanks! I am looking forward to it. The last couple hundred were much faster once I had a clue as to how this works.


That's awesome CONGRATS. I'm on my way with over 200.00

Nice! Keep it up. You'll gain momentum and the Hive start coming in even more. 😀


Big congratulations Rob, really well done and now you are a Minnow, keep up your awesome work.

Thanks sir! I am going to keep going and work on this daily. That's what works, and realistically the hive came as a reward for something I was going to do anyway: blog about my business.


That is a very good point, stay awesome.

Well done, a milestone on the way to dolphinhood! Congratulations

Thanks for the kind words. That's my long-term goal. Followed you. 😃


Congrats. I cannot describe the feeling of hitting 500. I reached there couple of month's back.

Yeah, it was a good accomplishment. However, I am not stopping here. I plan on working toward Dolphin and seeing where this takes me. Right now I've enjoyed the friends I've made on here and all the stats I get with Hive.

Congratulations, Rob! That's awesome!

Thanks Lisa. Onward and upward! -Rob

WTG Rob, nice job hitting this milestone. You should be able to hit 2,500 in no time.