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These past days we had not been able to leave with the delivery of Lotus For Yogis. And I'm glad to be back.

I had been sharing with my students, in a 4 days retreat, in the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. On the beach.

It was a wonderful experience, a lot of joy, a lot of commitment to the practice of Yoga and Meditation on the part of the participants, who are in a genuine and disciplined search with themselves.

There was also some very tasty healthy food from a friend, who is very knowledgeable about gut health and has vast experience in the kitchen.

In short, everything was spectacular, and we are already thinking of repeating the experience in a few months, when spring returns.

And so, in celebration of yogis on HIVE this week! This Yogi get a 5 percent beneficiary this week - @katherinevc. For her great post about breathing exercises -pranayama- and how they are fundamental for our life.
Thank you for sharing and welcome to Hive! @katherinevc

In this post, @katherinevc clarifies us how important is the breathing for our life and tells us the wonderful benefits of the "art of breathing control"... She tells us:

When we connect with our breathing, we can realize many benefits that this practice offers us, by learning to breathe consciously we can establish greater control over our lungs causing improvements in physical and mental health.

This feeling helps us free the mind and brings us to a state of relaxation, when we pay attention to our breathing and take slow, deep breaths, we focus more and we can better handle a stressful situation.

Many people forget to breathe well, being a daily and natural act of the body, we minimize it and worry about other things, without giving it the value it has. We inhale and exhale throughout our lives and doing it correctly will improve its quality.

If you want to read her full post, here you have it.

Interesting in meeting more yogis on HIVE?

Every week we are getting to know more and more and we will be adding them to this list of Active Yogis in the #Hive and #Naturalmedicine community.

The community is getting stronger! Here's a few: @constgaladriel, @iliyan90, @lizbetcontreras, @riverflows, @yogajill, @moonyoga, @daltono, @yanirauseche, @flowerbaby, @vicnzia, @millycf1976, @karmadorje, @omarrojas, @yusmi, @joebrochin, @iliyan90, @alicewonderyoga, @howtobelight, @wolfofnostreet, @madefrance, @mar343 and @katherinevc
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My name is @karmadorje, I am a practitioner and teacher of Ashtanga Yoga and Meditation from Venezuela, I currently reside in the city of Buenos Aires Argentina, and if you want to know more about my classes you can write me here
See you next week!


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With a beach like that, I could get into a meditative state very quickly, what a great place for yoga. The food looks delicious too.

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