End of Year Knitting Spree

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When the calendar turns to December, I feel an urgency to finish my UFOs (unfinished objects) for gifts, etsy shop, and winter coat closet. Here is a sock from yarn leftover from a gift sweater:

So my daughter will get socks this year to match the sweater I made her last fall. The yarn is Vanna's Choice from Lion Brand. It is a thick worsted acrylic, soft and lofty. The pattern is Fundamental Socks by Jude Daurelle and knits up fast on only 40 stitches.

I also--a knife!? Why is there a knife? I have grown tired of keeping up with so many small tools and never having the right tool nearby at the right time. This Swiss Army Knife is an experiment. It is now in my knitting bag.

I have opened the tools I think will be most useful for my crafting: scissors, tweezers, and sewing awl. The scissors are much nicer than the folding scissors I often wear on a lanyard around my neck. There are also blades, of course, for opening shipping boxes with new yarn or books. I will write updates as I use this new tool in my needlework.

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It’s something about this season that makes me want to finish up some projects too! Those socks are looking nice and I like the variegated yarn colors.

That’s pretty clever, I would have never thought to use a pocket tool like that for needlework, it makes sense.

The socks look like they are going to turn out great with that pop of color. I'm definitely going to be watching out for how your experiment with the Swiss army knife goes because I need to organize my knitting stuff. I need to make myself a little kit soon.

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The scissors are spring-assisted and cut yarn beautifully.

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Interesting to read about your knitting works @fiberfrau, and it's the first time I have seen a Swiss Army Knife in relation to it, keep up your great work and stay awesome.

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very pretty!!

I feel you with the finishing rush :-D I also sift through my unfinished projects and was so brave. I have sewed one jacket and I am on another sweater (also sewing) right now.
I hope you get everything done you want.
Socks look beautiful and I will research the pattern, this could be a nice fast (hopefully) Christmas gift <3