New to rent from @dkid14. Go rent these legendaries.

in neoxian •  2 months ago 

3 legendaries up for rent just now and the lowest on the market. You can rent these all from

First up.


Dragon jumper. Maxed.

Daily fee - $.05
Escrow - $.2
Rent up to 110 days.

Next up.

Level 3 gold legendaries both listed as well.


Both of these are listed for the same amounts.

Daily fee - $.02
Escrow - $.25
Rent up to 110 days.

If you rent them let me know. Thanks for taking a look. Trying to build my rentals up again.

If you are not into gaming but interested in steemmonsters/splinterlands then you should consider renting out your cards. It has been an up and downs market but good to me for the most part.

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@dkid14 - I would be interested in hearing about how this plays out for you over the long haul. I have rented my entire deck out. I split the DEC earnings with the person who plays the account and also pay him for 1/2 the DEC value of the cards. Overall, it has been a good deal for me. My biggest gain so far was a legendary gold card.

The earnings are constant and I don't have to worry about renting out card by card. My primary goal was to reduce the amount of time I spent on Splinterlands. I still have a silver level deck that I play.

Yeah rentals are hard to manage as far as prices go because they go up and down. I have one deck rented out like you do but I think this is better for some of my extra cards. I really hope the player base grows this year.

Hey bro @dkid14, how much would it cost to rent them for 110 days? Sorry, I'm a newbie

.02 x 111 plus half the escrow. Go check it out at