We are back with a 1 Hive SBI giveaway.

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Hope everyone is enjoying their time one the hive chain. Things are moving fast. There are ups and downs!

We want to hear about communities you are involved in on the chain.

Comment below what communities are your favorite and why!

We will pick one random comment after this post pays out and sponsor you with one Hive SBI.


We hope to bring back more giveaways in the near future.

We will be giving way the following

Hive sbi
Splinterlands cards

other stuff will come.


Splinterlands community is my favorite.

Haha well that’s a given, considering what dosdudes has been focusing on for a while! The Splinterlands team has done a good job of rewarding and promoting the content for their community. That helps!

This is a tough one! Lots of the communities are fantastic. Welcome back, looking forward to what you come up with for contests here and there!

Natural medicine has such a vibrant and important presence on here. They offer natural solutions to things many of us are ailed with every day that are often cheaper than the doctors and it promotes overall wellness and healing instead of more prescriptions and money out the door! There are caveats but the concept of naturally healing your body through processes like eating right and the like are important to consider and understand.

HODL community has been a solid one that is fairly new. They post pretty good crypto related content that isn't necessarily related to Hive. I've learned a fair amount from their posts. Plus they have lots of active members!

Skate Hive community has been really awesome. The leader of it has made his living strictly from Hive and skateboarding and it really makes me happy to help support him. He helps other skaters from around the world in places like Venezuela and the philippines to afford new equipment and stuff. Really solid presence on here that is making a difference for people around the world.

Excel for all is great because it's all about some fun Excel stuff! If you don't use Excel, it may not be as thrilling but I certainly love it.

I could go on for some others that are popular like OCD but that's well covered and just posting in there to get an upvote isn't something I would necessarily include as a criteria.

Look forward to seeing what others come up with!

Thanks for the reply. You won. You have already been sponsored for one share of hive SBI.

Awesome thank you! I appreciate the HBI! Let me see if there’s more posts you’ve done, I haven’t been in my own feed much lately lol

Nope. No more posts. We will try and get some more out in the future.

The hiveph community because that's the community in our country and I'm involved with it.

PalNet is my favourite community right now.

Unlike on other communities, people are free to say whatever they think on the PalNet Discord channel and as long they keep it civil, no one will be censored or banned simply for their opinion...

for you

My favorite is LEO and CTP.

Only Splinterlands. It's what kept me active after I realized blogging wasn't my thing.

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I would have to say my favorite community is CTP Talk. Ctp Talk and the Click Track Profit community is a great group of people always willing to help when they can.


Pretty much only Splinterlands. I like the game and its community is nothing less than amazing : ]