Sad news Coin pot and all there faucets are shutting down

in #neoxianlast month (edited)

Coin pot is shutting down at the end of Jan.

you will have a month to go in and covert tokens and withdraw your tokens

These are the sites effected
Moon Bitcoin
Moon Dogecoin
Moon Litecoin
Moon Dash
Moon Cash
Bonus Bitcoin

it leaves me with two hourly's to claim

If you know of any others that you have been using for a year or more

and payout as they should please let me know

Have a great day


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I dont hold much hope for a payout on these, Coin Pot have denied a payout for my account, was fun while it lasted

I have had no problem getting money from them so very strange

In the past I was using regularly and love to convert all tokens in Doge coins.... sad they are going to shut down...

Nooooooo! Oh, well, that is why we have to show up every day and keep learning new things, right?

This is sad. I hope everyone will be able to withdraw in time.

I used the Coinpot faucets for a long time (until I abandoned most of them toward the end of last year). Sorry to see them go. I still do, but I collect much less frequently. I found a similar one for Litecoin if you are interested ( I haven't received a payout from them yet, but it looks a lot like

This is sad
Though I never used these