Failing is Not the End, Think of Starting Anew

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Hello Dtubers,

Failure does not mean insufficiency, but rather a small opportunity to make that work better. One more chance to gain skills, a new opportunity to prove yourself. So losing will not be a surprise, but you have to try new ways with confidence. Then one time you will see, this opportunity has greatly enhanced your skills. Eliminates your fears, increases your courage, overcomes failure and gives you the chance to win.

So we have to try again, not to consider failure as an end, but as a new opportunity. Only then will victory come.

Thanks for understanding.



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Thanks for understand the value of the green nature for a beautiful and secure planet.

We are a self reliant community that is focused on each individuals want and drive to do for themselves. Let us encourage each other as we share our own adventures, learn new skills, meet new people, and build blocks.

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Thanks brother.


Veey good motivation my friend, yeah all people deserve to have a second chance to reach their life back.

Thanks bro for your positive response.

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Thanks Hafiz for another awesome inspiring vlog.

You are getting really good at this vlogging thingie! Your topic today is a great choice. Too many people give up at their first mistake, perhaps too embarassed to continue. Yet humans have achieved so much simply because we do fail.

Your vlog is a classic example of that, from having to restart many times at the beginning, now you exhibit full confidence and your voice and mannerisms show that. Well done, more please!