Some cause of flooding on our roads

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I was taking a walk in the afternoon and noticed that the walkway path where water is supposed to drain into the gutters has been blocked by sand and grasses. This is causing water to flood the roads and making it difficult to drive on the road.

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There are road workers that are supposed to be cleaning the roads and make the pathway for water flowing from the road into the gutters free but they are not doing their jobs. This is really sad as this situation has led to so many accident and the tires keep skidding when they drive on them.

It is the time of year when we have a lot of traffic congestion due to the high number of people coming into the city of Lagos to do their Christmas shopping while others came in to spend their holiday in the city. Having good roads to drive on is very important and necessary to keep people safe during the festive season.

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Loads of thanks my dear.

hope something comes along and fixes that soon

I really hope so too.

Great write up along with the pictures. Clearly someone is really sleeping 😴💤 on their job. That neglect does eventually lead to flooding and can be fatal😱.To avoid flooding those weeds need to be removed and the drainages cleared 💯. In Nairobi we usually refer such roads to the city council or ministry of roads and transport
Enjoy a fantastic high five Friday ahead 🎉👍😁

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