Cryptocurrency is booming in Indonesia

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in the past the term of cryptocurrency was unknown to most Indonesians. maybe even their knowledge of crypto is only limited to bitcoin,, no more...but lately, especially during the end of 2020, more Indonesians are interested in cryptocurrency..

I personally have noticed how the increase in members in each crypto community such as on Facebook and Telegram, which usually only has hundreds of members but now can reach hundreds of thousands. also the increased views from several YouTube channels whose content discusses about cryptocurrency.

on the other hand, increasing of the local exchanges such as & plays a major role in the increasingly acceptance of crypto by the Indonesian people. especially after the existence of a government policy through the minister of trade which has officially recognized crypto asset trading in Indonesia as well as acknowledging it as a legal investment asset. and even though the Indonesian government has not recognized crypto as a legal payment in our country yet, at least the recognition of crypto as an investment asset is one big step to achieve greater things in the future.

In the future, cryptocurency in Indonesia seems to be increasingly massive, this is also based on the prediction of one of the institutions in Indonesia which estimates that the number of Indonesians involved in trading crypto assets will reach 28 million in 2025 or 10% of the total population. This number is close to the penetration rate in the USA in the different predictions that it will reach 32 million people by 2025.

The huge potential of cryptocurency in Indonesia has made the government start planning the formation of a special exchange for crypto assets in Indonesia (government's exchange) and it is estimated that this exchange will operate as early as in the first quarter of this year.

although the crypto acceleration in Indonesia is quite late compared to other countries such as the USA, sooner or later I believe the potential for crypto in Indonesia to continue to grow will be even brighter in future...


I think crypto is bigger in many countries where the economic infrastructure isn't 100%, african countries, venezuela etc. It's really cool to see it affect peoples lifes

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well,,crypto may no need that thing.., we just need computer and internet connection only

I thought the Indian government was going to ban crypto?

but you say they are building a special exchange. Do you know what coins that exchange is going to have on it?

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no bro..It's indonesia not india..we're not the same..

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