In search of STABLE RETURNS, Part 5

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Today I want to introduce a newcomer to Coinbase...


From Coinbase description:

Compound (COMP) is an Ethereum token that enables community governance of the Compound protocol. The protocol is a series of decentralized interest rate markets that allow users to supply and borrow Ethereum tokens at variable interest rates. COMP token holders and their delegates can also debate, propose, and vote on changes to the protocol.

Since it's intro to Coinbase, it seemingly has survived the inevitable P&D cycle. Starting Jun 17th at $61, peaking to $381 just three days later, and now settling in a narrower trading range at around $175...

comp token ERC20.png
img. credit:; Undy Screenshot 💪😎👍

the interest earned beats the heck out of banks...

But it's so far not impressive for crypto. The better earners are closing in on 3% but others are like bank rates, barely over Zero% APR. DAI, paying back 2.94%; USDT = 2.76%; ZRX paying 2.38% and USDC is at 1.76%. Those are the highlights. COMP has out 1.68 Billion U$D in 9 markets, which is a nice start!

My only hangup right now is "When will COINBASE pay out these rewards?" They usually retroactively pay out, once they get the details aligned. Otherwise I'll be selling it or sending it off to private wallet where I can collect MY %.

My assessment of this one is...


But if you are still wary of the price, wait another month. OR, DCA with smaller amounts Now. If the price drops off, your periodic investment will simply garner more coins! (I like a weekly buying plan)

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Comp is a bag of shit.
Yeah i got sucked in too.
It pumped coz "they" knew it would be listed on coinbase and pump.
Then they dumped to other idiots that see some dream.
I was earning 40% apy on bat thats now 0.3% on a good day after just 4 weeks.
The fees on compound are crazy.
"We dont charge fees" the network charges ypu.
Suck a dick
Why does the network charge next to nothing on other transactions yet on yours it pulls my pants down?
So we have auth fee
Deposit fee
Collatralisation fee
Taking a loan fee
Repaying a loan fee
Uncollatralisation fee withdrawl fee
Am i missing one?
On average $100 transation costs about $110 on a good day.
Every day they put in a new proposal to pull your pants down even more coz its 'decentralised'
This bollocks token will dump huge so if you have some dump it imo