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RE: In search of STABLE RETURNS, Part 5

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Comp is a bag of shit.
Yeah i got sucked in too.
It pumped coz "they" knew it would be listed on coinbase and pump.
Then they dumped to other idiots that see some dream.
I was earning 40% apy on bat thats now 0.3% on a good day after just 4 weeks.
The fees on compound are crazy.
"We dont charge fees" the network charges ypu.
Suck a dick
Why does the network charge next to nothing on other transactions yet on yours it pulls my pants down?
So we have auth fee
Deposit fee
Collatralisation fee
Taking a loan fee
Repaying a loan fee
Uncollatralisation fee withdrawl fee
Am i missing one?
On average $100 transation costs about $110 on a good day.
Every day they put in a new proposal to pull your pants down even more coz its 'decentralised'
This bollocks token will dump huge so if you have some dump it imo