Nextcolony : Free ships are awaiting you

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So guys I am again back with the some free ships after long time, speedy Corvette Crocus are up for grab again for you guys again in nextcolony


The rules are pretty simple

  1. login into the Jarunik's market

  2. Now in "category" ,select ships, for "Subcategory" , use Corvette and choose "type" as Corvette Crocus R. Put my username "r1s2g3" in "Filter User" box.

3.Buy 4 Corvette crocus (25 SD each, total of 100 SD). If you do not have 100 SD then you can buy it from Steem leo Dex You are free to buy less than 4 but you will be reimbursed for only 4 ships if you buy more than 4.

4.Comment in this post after purchasing(with your NC account name) .

5.Resteem this post.

I will reimburse you 25SD for each ship if you purchased less than or equal to 4 ship in your NC account. More than 4 will not be reimbursed.

Enjoy the game and keep playing

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I bought 4 ships as according to your post and resteemed also.

Posted via Steemleo

Thanks, 100 SD transferred to your account.

Thank you!

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Thank you for the giveaway! I boought 4 ships with this account and resteemed the post.

I transferred 75 SD, look like you have bought only 3 ship.


Will send another 25, if you buy one more.

Sorry about that. I thought I bought 4. Went and made another purchase :-)

Thanks, I sent the 25 SD.

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Wow, this is really awesome of you! Thanks for hooking people up with free ships! I resteemed this post and the name on my NextColonly Account is ModernDayHippie... Thanks again for this awesomeness, you deserve my Hero Award today (Not all heros wear capes), but I don't have an actual award so youll have to settle for a !BEER ;) LoL

transferred 100 SD,
Can you please try to resteem it again. Steempeak is not showing your name in reblog list.

Yeah, that was weird... I went back and checked and it said i didn't resteem it.. I guess I must have hit cancel on accident when it asked if I was sure.. oh well, it's done now ;) Thanks for the free corvettes :0)

Hey @r1s2g3, here is a little bit of BEER from @moderndayhippie for you. Enjoy it!

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