I created a bunch of high value NFTs

in #nftlast month

Screenshot from 2021-04-10 10-16-46.png

They are expensive, but for sale at Tribaldex:




Thanks for sharing my friend!

What justification would you have to say they have any value at all? Expensive, sure. Valuable, why?

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Well, I invented those terms that are illustrated a while back and documented it on the blockchain with definitions in posts, links are in the descriptions. I think they are extremely valuable, but at the same time I dont expect them to sell any time soon / if ever?... This are my prices for my our work, if there are any takers one day in the future, is up to other people. The market is always right.

One bonus for me right now, is that haters can't buy them for like 10 swap.hive and burn them like it happened to real garbage on Tribaldex.

If you ask me, my work is very valuable, but I am very patient to find buys, I have years or decades!

You invented those terms? Mother fucker I invented those terms! You took my terms and turned them into worthless NFT's out of pure greed.


Oh yeah and the Hive promotion one, was the first ever NFT on Tribaldex! History written in the blockchain.