Odds and Ends — 12 May 2021

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A sign of mainstreaming? The grocery store I shop at most often just installed a new crypto kiosk. The old one they’d had for the last year was Bitcoin-only, this one offers 20 other cryptocurrencies. Fees are quite significant. When I was there, they were selling Bitcoin for $65,594.41 as coingecko.com was showing a $56,234.41 current price.

Coronavirus News, Analysis, and Opinion:

'This is wrong': Ron Johnson's anti-vaccination lies ripped apart by fact-checker

Covid passports: What are different countries planning?

Governor Gives Opponents Reason to Get Vaccinated

My message to folks is there’s a lot of good reasons to get vaccinated, but for some of them, you know, if you need another one, go get vaccinated so you’re alive to vote against me in the next election. I don’t care. I just want to get it done.

India Covid: Dozens more bodies wash up on Ganges river bank

Cryptocurrency, Investing, Money, Economy, and Debt:

Ransomware Has Gone Corporate—and Gotten More Cruel

Gas prices set to rise after pipeline cyberattack

Why Is The Mainstream Media Suddenly Freaking Out About The Horrifying Inflation That Is Ahead Of Us?

Cryptocurrency Industry Rushes to Hire Major DC Players


The Big Lie Is A Big Deal

Newsmax Anchor Confronted on Election Lies

French soldiers warn of civil war in new letter

44 Attorneys General Want to Stop ‘Instagram for Children’

US eyes using Japan's submarines to 'choke' Chinese navy

Trump Family Got ‘Inappropriately Close’ to Secret Service

What If the GOP Refuses to Certify Democratic Wins?

…there’s another even more sinister trend among conservative politicians that deserves greater attention: an unwillingness to concede any electoral victory by a Democrat as legitimate, and an eagerness to punish any Republican elected official who concedes the will of the voters. The Big Lie that Trump really won the election is now canon among a majority of Republican voters. Any Republicans who refuses to toe the line is branded a heretic, and elections officials who dared to certify Biden’s win are being censured or stripped of their power.

Newsom Plans Cash Payments to Californians

The plan would expand on a previous program distributing $600 checks to qualifying low-income residents by extending eligibility to the middle class. Two out of three Californians would receive a check of at least $600, and families with kids will get an additional $500.

AZ GOPer Who Supported Sketchy Election Audit Now Says It ‘Makes Us Look Like Idiots’

How Close Are We to Criminal Charges for Donald Trump?

'Voter Integrity'? Or 'Jim Crow 2.0'?

Nice try, but this is probably doomed: ’Rationals’ vs. ‘radicals’: Anti-Trump Republicans threaten third party


ISPs Funded 8.5 Million Fake Comments Opposing Net Neutrality: The secret campaign, backed by major broadband companies, used real people’s names without their consent.

The deadly secret of the humble grapefruit


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Whoa, that’s quite a premium for BTC! I bet people are buying from them too because it’s “easier”.

Another fantastic collection of intelligence to check out. You are better than any algorithm!

We are eyeing a retail location for our marketing company and I REALLY want to hang a bitcoin neon sign in the window and have one of those machines for people to use. Crypto hasn't popped up in this small town physically but I know PILES of people investing.

I need one of those!

Their fees are huge.😉

Is Canadian KYC as onerous as America’s?

Pretty much.

Which makes these things more valuable as you can create a paper wallet and pump cash into them without having to touch the banks and exchanges.