Odds and Ends — 13 May 2021

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Coronavirus News, Analysis, and Opinion:

Pooled Testing Gets Smarter During the Pandemic

Adding mathematics and AI to batch testing may lead to cheaper, faster tests, though not all experts are convinced.

Biden Makes a Deal With Uber and Lyft in the Name of Vaccines

Experts Call for Sweeping Reforms to Prevent Next Pandemic

Pandemics, the authors concluded, are an existential threat on the order of a chemical or nuclear weapon, and preparing for them must be the responsibility of the highest levels of political leadership rather than only health departments, often among the least powerful of government agencies.

Cryptocurrency, Investing, Money, Economy, and Debt:

Inflation climbs at quickest pace since 2008. And, remember, the CPI grossly underreports the true level of inflation.

Vitalik’s Regift of Unsolicited DOGE Knockoffs Sends Memecoin Prices Plunging

Ross Ulbricht sues federal government, alleges religious rights are being violated in prison

LBMA Misleads Silver Market With False Claims About Record Silver Stocks

In a shocking retraction, the bullion bank dominated London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) has just announced that it has been overstating LBMA silver vault holdings by a massive 3,300 tonnes of silver.

Bitcoin loses 6% in an hour after Tesla drops payments over carbon concerns. Carbon concerns? Hasn’t that FUD been debunked often enough? Elon’s a smart guy, he should know better.


GOP Lawmaker Denies Insurrection Happened

…a normal tourist visit…

Republicans Don’t Want You To Think They Ousted Liz Cheney Because Of The Big Lie

Alabama’s Future Without a Senior Senator Looks Grim

GOP Lawmaker Wants to Register and Fine Fact Checkers

Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes? House Republican Leader McCarthy: No one 'questioning the legitimacy' of 2020 election.

Without extraction, these people are dead: White House Weighs Evacuating Afghan Workers

EPA releases climate report delayed by Trump

Rosen Offers Range Of Excuses For Not Telling Congress Anything About Trump’s Bids To Overturn Election

Former Defense Secretary Changes Story On When Exactly He Deployed National Guard On Jan. 6

“You understand how not believable your new testimony, your new version of testimony that was apparently created between the time you wrote your testimony this morning and when you came before the committee today,” Rep. Stephen Lynch said.


Teeth of fallen soldiers hold evidence that foreigners fought alongside ancient Greeks, challenging millennia of military history

Boycott: The Wild Origin of the Term Explained


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So now false flags are insurections but riots in multiple streets are peaceful protests. Know what an agent provocateur is?

Carbon concerns? Hasn’t that FUD been debunked often enough? Elon’s a smart guy, he should know better.

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