Odds and Ends — 17 April 2001

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Sputnik-type panic when WS grasps the danger of being left behind in some very important areas, and launches a moonshot program to get into BTC/crypto in a big way.

— MacroScope (@MacroScope17) April 13, 2021

Record $600M BNB burn suggests Binance made $750M in profit in Q1

Edward Snowden NFT sells for more than $5.4 million


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A new America First Caucus — led by @mtgreenee and @RepGosar — is recruiting people to join based on “Anglo-Saxon political traditions” architectural style that “befits the progeny of European architecture”

Some of the most nativist stuff we’ve seen pic.twitter.com/diPDItUt2V

— Punchbowl News (@PunchbowlNews) April 16, 2021

McCarthy Say GOP Not Party of ‘Nativist Dog Whistles’

“He’s right. It’s more like air raid sirens than dog whistles.”
— Taegan Goddard

Republicans and the Great Replacement: The idea that they're being "replaced" is now part of the core GOP ideology

Alleged Capitol Insurrectionist’s Foiled Plan To Flee To Switzerland Lands Him In Jail

Colombia gives nearly 1 million Venezuelan migrants legal status and right to work. Something like this in the USA’s future?

It Turns Out Popular Policies Are Popular

Most Americans Oppose Anti-Transgender Laws

In secret Facebook groups, America's best warriors share racist jabs, lies about 2020, even QAnon theories

A Damning New Report Finally Explains the Strangest Thing I Saw Inside the Capitol Riot


First monkey–human embryos reignite debate over hybrid animals

Plants thrive in a complex world by communicating, sharing resources and transforming their environments


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Dogecoin is booming quite beautifully right now. I'm glad I've been holding Doge for as long as I have. lol