Odds and Ends — 30 April 2021

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A #zapfic story:

I had wanted out for a long time, should have just moved far away.

Instead, I’m on my knees out here in the boonies with gun at my head, Carlo’s chain-smoker voice behind me.

“You know damn well that our thing doesn’t have a retirement plan.”

Coronavirus News, Analysis, and Opinion:

Warnings like this are usually reserved for war-torn countries:

Governor Gretchen Whitmer Ties Michigan Reopenings to Vaccination Rates

Two weeks after 60% of people get their first vaccine dose, the state will increase indoor capacity for sporting events, gyms and lift curfews on restaurants/bars; two weeks after hitting 65%, it will lift all indoor capacity restrictions; two weeks after hitting 70%, the state will rescind its mask mandate.

Vaccine Forgery Cards Spread

Specific directions showing how to forge Covid-19 vaccination cards have proliferated on conspiracy, pro-Trump and anti-vaccination forums throughout the internet in recent weeks, as users have exploited a largely makeshift verification system.

Pfizer begins exporting U.S.-made COVID-19 vaccine to Mexico

Cryptocurrency, Investing, Money, Economy, and Debt:

Coinbase Debuts ‘Buy With PayPal’ Feature (but Read the Fine Print)

'Disaster Girl' Makes $500K Selling NFT Of World Famous Meme



Yet another reason to proofread before hitting the submit button:

marco rubio screwed up on an amendment and tried to get a hot fix for it on the senate floor, but the dems said it was too late in the process and rejected it. and now rubio is VERY MADDDDD pic.twitter.com/cZBKCFTnVC

— Oliver Willis (@owillis) April 29, 2021

Conspiracy Theories Grip Miami Talk Radio

Multiple news stories have reported how Miami’s influential Spanish-language talk radio, the traditional bastion of anti-communist Cuba rhetoric, and conservative Hispanic social media groups have become dominated by far-right conspiracy theories, with frequent denunciations of George Soros as emblematic of a powerful Jewish cabal.
This shift toward insinuating Jews-as-communists arises from an intensive and successful branding of Democrats as socialists that has come to dominate Republican Hispanic political circles and messaging in South Florida.

“Don’t be surprised if the Russians are involved in this.” — Taegan Goddard

'Rudy's an idiot' who 'drinks too much': Michael Cohen relishes Giuliani's legal woes and predicts he'll flip on Trump

‘Part of the fabric’: Democrats say Biden’s sweeping changes will be hard to undo

Wingman Says Matt Gaetz Paid for Sex With Minor


The Renaissance’s Most Influential Composer. 500 Years Later

World’s glaciers melting at a faster rate


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I was reading about that disaster girl thing today - I reckon she has been shortchanged considering the usage of it :D

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