Odds and Ends — 7 May 2021

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Thrills and Spill in Decorah:

Yesterday, we visited Vesterheim, the National Norwegian-American Museum. Yes, we know how to have fun.

After Ireland, Norway is in second place on a per capital basis for most emigration to America in the 19th Century, with many of them settling in the Upper Midwest. Vesterheim has displays about the emigration process and examples of what they brought with them from the Old World to the New:




A display about the 99th Infantry Battalion:


The Vesterheim has a link from one of the anchor chains of the Blücher. My dad was then a 14-year-old Norwegian who witnessed the sinking of the Blücher. The next day, he and some friends swam out into the fjord and looked down at the ship. Like many of his generation, he didn’t talk much about the war years, but that’s one of the very few stories I heard from him.


Wombat Falls Down Goes Boom:

For about a year I’ve sometimes felt light-headed after walking for a while and then stopping. Usually it passes in a few seconds. We walked over a bridge over the Upper Iowa River to have lunch. I stopped. And for the first time fell. Banged my elbow, shoulder, and head. A nurse who happened to be driving by saw me go down and stopped her car to look me over. Looks like I’ll live, no vision problems or nausea, telltale signs of serious head injuries. Seems that my elbow and shoulder took the brunt of the damage.

For dinner we ate at a Mexican restaurant that had yummy food at reasonable prices:




Coronavirus News, Analysis, and Opinion:

‘Herd Immunity’ Now Unlikely In United States

Former Head of MI6 Thinks Virus Came from Lab

I think there's a balance of probability. Obviously, if it cannot be proven, and I don't think it can, because the evidence that could have proved it one way or another has been destroyed, because of the extent of the Chinese clean up.

New Study Estimates More Than 900,000 People Have Died Of COVID-19 In U.S.

Cryptocurrency, Investing, Money, Economy, and Debt:

Square’s earnings 2.5X expectations, Bitcoin revenue up 1000% in 12 months

Goldman Sachs Offering Bitcoin Derivatives to Investors

Ethereum prices soar over $3,200, making Vitalik Buterin a billionaire


Cheney saga boils the GOP down to its essence

…the all-but-certain decision by House Republicans to oust Conference Chair LIZ CHENEY (R-Wyo.) looks like one of those historical hinge moments — a party solidifying around the idea of loyalty to a single person, one who is obsessed with repeating crackpot lies about election fraud, rather than to policy or ideas.

What Trump has to fear from Rudy Giuliani

What A Mess: Outlets Walk Back Reports About FBI Warning Giuliani On Russia Disinfo

What it's been like fact-checking Joe Biden through 100 days

Rudy Giuliani's outrage is the refuge of a scoundrel

…there’s irony in the search having been halted under Barr but green-lighted under Garland. Had Barr permitted the search to go forward, it would have given Giuliani a strong hand to play in seeking a pardon from Trump. Now he is out in the cold.

Idaho Legislative Intern Harassed After Police Rape Report

MAGA World Thinks The Sketchy AZ Audit Will Pave The Way To A 2020 Reversal

Arizona ‘Audit’ Using UV Lights on Ballots

It’s not at all clear what exposing the ballots to UV light is supposed to accomplish — a coalition of election experts wrote the Justice Department asking it to send observers to monitor this quizzical audit, and one of their concerns is that ‘ultraviolet light causes not only paper to deteriorate, but also leads to the deterioration of marks on paper ballots.'

Arizona’s Republican-Run Election Audit Is Now Looking for Bamboo-Laced “China Ballots”


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