OneLoveIPFS pricing update

in #oneloveipfs10 months ago

OneLoveIPFS Pricing Update.png

OneLoveIPFS is adjusting its pricing structure of our IPFS hosting services so that we remain competitive in the world of decentralized hosting, at the same time ensuring that our customers get the best value out of our decentralized hosting offerings as much as possible.

This pricing structure adjustment will not affect how much our existing customers will pay, but will have their quota allocation upgraded. Here is the new pricing structure:

Starter8 GB$3$0.375
Creator64 GB$10$0.156
Enterprise256 GB$35$0.137
Ultimate512 GB$60$0.117
  • The above pricing structure applies to all customers effective today. New plans may be purchased here.
  • All plans are eligible for OneLoveIPFS referral bonuses. (learn more)
  • All plans include full access to uploader APIs and Discord pinning bot.
  • Learn more about OneLoveIPFS services on our new website here

As always, thank you for your support. If you have any inquiries about our services, please contact us on our Discord.