First update of 2021- Getting out of the Gig-Economy

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Finally I think #covid19 is under control, more vaccines are coming online and the existing vaccine production is continuing to scale. By the end of the year I'm expecting that herd immunity will start to kick in, in most places.

This massive global event has accelerated a lot of trends that were coming and the world has changed for ever.

Like I mentioned in my December update I had to jump back into the gig-economy with both feet to pay the bills, and the couple of larger anchor projects that I took on are coming to a close, and my bank accounts are starting to look healthy again.

This project is starting up again

This means that I am going to start working more on this project again next month. There are a few minor changes to the plan, instead of membership sites I will be developing stand-alone courses to sell until I build a portfolio which takes a bit of the pressure off, but that's about it.

I mentioned the 6 minute networking course in the last update, and I can't recommend it enough. It saved me from getting a real job. If you don't have an active network, or don't know where to start with it, I highly recommend checking it out. Jordan Harbinger knows what he's talking about.

No more loafing for #noloafing

All of these posts will be tagged with the #noloafingmoney so if you want to see what I'm doing over there, that is the place to do it.

Its time for me to stop loafing and get involved. Plan to see a lot more of me on this platform and the other front ends.

The goal - updated for 2021

The goal is to build a product or series of products that allows me to scale. The financial goal is to build a business that has a monthly revenue stream of $5k with less than 20hrs worked on average by the end of 2021

The Why - hasn't changed from the beginning.

If this is your first time here, thanks for stopping by. I wrote my first post on this topic in November 2019. They all have a "special" tag, so you can find them all here: #noloafingmoney. If you want to see where this all started, its with this post, Money and the Gig-Economy.

How I'm Doing - first update coming in April 2021

I will start updating you on the time/revenue in April. I expect to spend at least 10% of my working time on this project to get started until my active project work starts to dwindle a bit more.

I will start showing graphs and cool stuff when this happens.