Where does Steemit fit? - Getting out of the Gig-Economy

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I posted this by mistake, but will go with it.

Steemit and success

With the bear market still bearing down on us, where does Steemit really fit in the grand scheme of getting out of the gig-economy?

I follow the posts at #ctp and see a lot of great stuff there, but not a lot about building a sustainable brand with a steemit blog. From the traffic I get from my business sites, from here, it make no sense, but that could be based on the current audience here.

Who's here?

But that's really the question, what is the audience here? What are some newer blogs that have come on the blockchain in the last year or so, that have recurring success to the point that they can both invest in the platform (retaining SP) and power down to pay the bills?

I would love to see them and see if there is anything they are doing that I an replicate in my own niches.