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This will be my last #noloafingmoney update of the year. Christmas is coming fast and I am taking a bit of a break to re-charge.

Eye on the Prize

I have been doing a couple of training videos every morning and carving out a bit of time in the evening before bed for content creation. One of the training videos was a minor detour from all the other content. It was talking about taking some of those consulting projects to keep the cashflow coming.


This got me thinking about my strategy (that you can read in detail at #noloafingmoney) and how I'm going about it. I already have a few great consulting clients, but that work is taking too much of my time. Originally I thought I should let them all go and focus 100% on this project starting in January.

That idea brought with it an amazing amount of stress. I have obligations that I need to fulfill, and what if this doesn't work out? What will I do if I it takes more time than I thought to build out a profitable business?

That short course video gave me permission to continue with consulting, but keep my eye on the prize. A long term online business that decouples hours from dollars.

So that's what I'm going to do. I'm not going to change my goal stated below, but I don't need to be too aggressive either. I can let it happen naturally.

Create the Habits

Over on #noloafingloseit I talk about creating habits a lot. This is something I need to start doing with this project too. Create the habits that I need to improve 1% in how I do my work. Compound that over 10yrs and see where it takes me.

Sure I have obligations that I need to fulfill in the now, but those me and my partner can handle. Use the extra time in the edges to improve.

I'm taking the next couple of weeks to reflect on this and will be back in January to let you know what I've decided.

The goal

The goal is to build a product or series of products that allows me to scale. The financial goal is to build a business that has a monthly revenue stream of $5k with less than 20hrs worked on average by the end of March 2020.

The Why

If this is your first time here, thanks for stopping by. I wrote my first post on this topic in November 2019. They all have a "special" tag, so you can find them all here: #noloafing. If you want to see where this all started, its with this post, Money and the Gig-Economy.

How I'm Doing

Hours worked: 14 hrs
Revenue: $0
Expenses: $129

Be sure to follow along and leave a comment below!


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If you see that your goal takes longer to reach, let it if it's what you really want to accomplish, it will be worth it in the end, stay awesome.

Like @flaxz says, make sure that the goal isn't the end point that you make sacrifices just to meet, if it hinders the over all project.

Go long term, think 10yrs out, not 1 or less.