The Car is in the shop - Getting out of the Gig-Economy

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It took over a week to get the car into a shop and be checked, I should know today what the damage will be. Having a nice reliable automobile is critical to my life these days. I need it for booting around the city with kiddos and heading to jobs around the region


Status of the project

Two weeks ago I re-grouped and started focusing on this project again. In that time I have developed my roadmap on how I'm going to tackle this project and a timeline to tell me how long I'm willing to put into this project before seeing some results.

I have kids, I can't risk everything anymore to get a studio apartment and live on rice and potatoes, so I need to provide most of the dollars into the household.

Digital Products

The first goal is to create digital products and courses, I have that release calendar built out and the first few products outlined. The hard part is turning out to be production, I'm getting stuck not knowing what is "good enough". There are a few philosophies on this, Gary V will tell you to JUST GET OUT THERE, but others, like the highly successful comedy writer Neal Brennan will tell you only to show the amazing finished products. No one wants to know how the sausage is made.

So, what is my philosophy? I don't know yet, but I think I need to start leaning toward the Gary V side of things just to get started.

Productiz-ing Services

I have productized the low hanging fruit and have started putting landing pages together for the website so I can start marketing them. I have followed Paul Jarvis for a long time, he has a great newsletter, and have started thinking about how these products will flow and what information the client needs to provide me to make this process smooth.

The long play on Hive

I really think that #hive is here to stay, at least for the long term in internet standards (5yrs). So I have a plan on how to make this happen. This will require more posting on my part, so I am planning to be hanging out here a lot more than I used to.

When the digital projects are starting to flow I have some plans on developing custom content for my community on distributed energy resources and how to build things at home. That will be coming late fall and early winter.

No more loafing for #noloafing

All of these posts will be tagged with the #noloafingmoney so if you want to see what I'm doing over there, that is the place to do it.

Its time for me to stop loafing and get involved. Plan to see a lot more of me on this platform and the other front ends.

The goal

The goal is to build a product or series of products that allows me to scale. The financial goal is to build a business that has a monthly revenue stream of $5k with less than 20hrs worked on average by the end of 2020.

The Why

If this is your first time here, thanks for stopping by. I wrote my first post on this topic in November 2019. They all have a "special" tag, so you can find them all here: #noloafingmoney. If you want to see where this all started, its with this post, Money and the Gig-Economy.

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