Working on staying focused - Getting Out of the Gig-Economy Week 18

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For about the last six weeks, staying focused on getting out of the gig-economy has been difficult.

First it was the #coronavirus in China

I started paying attention to the Coronavirus and #covid19 about six weeks ago. When I was hearing nothing coming from the CDC and not enough from the WHO on the ground in Wuhan I thought that we may have a problem here.

So I started reading more and more about what was coming out of China, and then Iran and South Korea.

Then #steemhostiletakeover

The next contender for my attention was the steem hostile takeover by Justin Sun. I don't have a lot invested in #steem, but enough that I don't want it to evaporate. Also I've finally started to find people on here that I like interacting with.

Then for the last week its been Coronavirus on steroids.

On lock down

We started #socialdistancing a couple weeks ago, kept the kiddo home and canceled all the plans. The only thing that I did was head to a remote little village to try to finish a project.

While I'm concerned about SARS-COV-2 and Covid-19, that project gave me the additional kick in the teeth where a client isn't going to pay me in a reasonable time, and its a large chunk of change too.

Getting 1% better

So, they (my client) have pushed me into a corner, and the only way out is getting out of the gig-economy. I don't want to get a job, especially now, so I am re-focusing once again on this project.

The way that I am planning to focus is to get 1% better at one thing at a time. Currently that is looking at the newsletter and building it, and then working on my entry level course. My goal is to have 3 sales by the end of the month. To do that I need to get 1% better and more focused on my goals, and spend less time focused on the news, drama in the steem-world and get it done!


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