Recognize the opportunity of uncertainty

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4k9fm3.jpgSteem was flying under the radar, progress was being made. Updates and changes were exciting and we were believing in much more. If only the people would start to notice how awesome steem was...

And then Justin Sun made his move...

What we had is gone. What we will get is uncertain. We are in the land in between.

Whenever things get uncertain, people start leaving, giving up, selling their goods with a loss.

The price of steem has dropped, there is FUD, but is this the time where we should invest? After all, when the masses are selling is when professional traders start buying, slowly.

Risk and potential gains go hand in hand. If there were no risk, the price would shoot up immediately.

I believe steem is undervalued. I have not invested more than I can afford to loose. I’m here for the long game. Justin Sun’s way of doing business will continue to shake us. We have asked steemit inc to do some marketing. Well, the free publicity is of the charts!

If you were here for short term gains, then I hope you made some profit on 28ct. But if you believe in this blockchain and more than that if you believe in this community, then do stay.

If you dare, then invest some more. Steem and many steem-engine tokens are on sale.

Risk and profit go hand in hand.

This is not financial advice, this is my own opinion, I might be wrong, do not invest more than you can afford to loose.

We are in the land in between, what we had is gone, what we will get is uncertain, but the steem community still has massive value!

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If only the people would start to notice how awesome steem was...

It looks that Justin Sun has noticed how awesome STEEM is... and that's why he bought Steemit Inc. I don't like too much his personality in general, but I doubt that he invested money in something worthless...

I think that we have some turbulent times in front of us, but isn't that better than an "old sleepy Steemit Inc." times?

I totally agree. The price will likely be volatile, but Steem did lack marketing and now we have Justin Sun, who is really good at creating hype.

I think he bought steemit Inc as an investment, because he recognised that it was undervalued due to bad marketing.

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