Top 5 climate change myth’s

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24rek0.jpgFor some time now I have followed Matt Ferrell’s YouTube channel undecided. He is a loves new technology and looks at thing’s from a scientific standpoint.

In all his videos he is calm, focused on scientific data or his own experience using new technology, without becoming very emotional about. Just a very nice objective look at what science and technology do for us.

He also regularly post’s video’s about new technology to combat climate change. As you would expect, he gets a lot of responses from people that don’t believe in climate change.

So he decided to make a list of the 5 most commonly mentioned responses and see if they are correct. It’s no surprise that he does this in a calm, objective and scientific way. Let The data speak.

This episode is fully recommended. You can watch it here:

So if you are still in doubt about climate change, or need some help to convince your neighbor that climate change is real. Then do watch this video. And while you’re at it, do follow his channel, since his content is really good.


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