Have you ever used Castor Oil? || It’s Great Natural Ingredients

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Hello Friends,

We use a variety of oils in hair care. But have you ever used castor oil? I started using it lately, because of my hair falling. This is why I started using castor oil in hair care.

Did you know? It is a wonderful natural product, containing protein, mineral and vitamin E. Due to which it can be used hair becomes stronger, brighter and healthier.

the beginner clip collected from pixabay.com and the video edited by filmora software.

Thanks all for watching.



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Brother I never used castor oil? I do not know the benefits. Now I know.

If need, you can try it. Thanks for watching

Interesting hair care information. I knew about this product from my son who uses it to grow his new beard hair, hahaha, he is 19 years old. I liked how you did it in video form, much more didactic, it cost me something because I don't speak much English, however, I managed to capture the information in essence. Thanks for sharing interesting content, dear @hafizullah, a hug for you!

I'm also using it new, hoping it works out in my case. Yes, you can understand by watching the video, I do not speak very good English. Because my native language is Bengali. Greetings from Bangladesh Dear.

Hi, @hafizullah!

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I haven't thought of castor oil in many years. Seems like such a great grandfather remedy!

I will have to check it out thanks!

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