The Noob Night Cryptocast - Happy Steemfest Week!

in dtube •  7 months ago  (edited)

It's that time of the year again...

And it kills me that I'm not there :(

But if Steemfest 3 was any indication, this years in Bangkok will be a blast....And Steemians have arrived in droves for the 4th annual Steemfest!

And if that wasn't good enough news...Have you been paying attention to what's going on with @Appics ?

What a time to be on the blockchain....

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And oh yeah.....Someone please keep an eye out on @KevinLi at Steemfest....Dude is just SAVAGE since he's been in Thailand!!!!

Shameless self promotion....

The 'Official' CTP Merchandise store is open for business.


The Union Is Here!

Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing....

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The next few days will be hard to spend here on Steem... With a bunch of posts from SteemFest and we (the others) sitting in front of our computers crying that we didn't make it...

And regarding Appics, I didn't check the new version, but I will give it a try... It's great to see some apps that have a use cases and try to compete with others outside the blockchain!

lol Yeah, i'm trying to remain positive and just play Call of Duty to take my mind off it LOLOL

And it is because of YOU all, I am lazy today, TIRED and sitting here drinking coffee out of my #ctp mug. Oh wait...WINNING!!!! #pixdoesstuff IMG_20191106_121437554.jpg


As someone who has attended multiple conventions and conferences in my lifetime I don't feel like I am missing a thing! My guess is that 99.7% of people who attend these events do so as an excuse to party or treat it as a vacation. The 3 tenths of a percent that treat it as an business or networking opportunity are going to do that no matter where they are.

Yeah Steemfest's are set up differently than most traditional business conferences. It's meant to be a 'vacation' combined with the opportunity to network and hang out with Steemians. It's something everyone I think should attend once....Killing me that I'm not there this year.

I will check out Appics and esteem. I enjoyed the Partiko use case when it was being supported, but switched back to steempeak for posting and curating Steem blog posts. Thankfully I am currently able to use a computer most of the time and do not need the always available smart phone access.

Shame about Partiko...It was absolutely brilliant.

RT is living the life right now. The scenery he showed is beautiful & a trip to Thailand is on my bucket list. I always wanted to see the elephants there. :) So glad you're having a blast! Keep us posted :)

I am really excited about Appics & their token. I already staked some as well & know they, as a whole, will thrive! As you know, I am an avid Instagram user so using Appics is becoming natural for me to use now. It's just a matter of learning a few of the mechanics. It all comes in time as a use case. The fact that it's user friendly is the best part. Much success to the Appics Team!

Thanks for the update & a great broadcast as always, Jon and Rich! :)🧚‍♀️

Thanks for the comments....Ya the Appics app should fit nicely with a lot of your content. It's super smooth and should do really well.

Great video Jon, and have an awesome time at Steemfest LR, and Appics new update is great, I just bought 10 APX and staked them, the best use case for it is that it's so simple anyone can use it, stay awesome.

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