Physical activity and physical exercise, know the difference.

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It is no secret that a sedentary lifestyle is one of the greatest enemies of good health. Moving your body is essential to expend calories, not to accumulate extra pounds and also keep your cardiovascular system up to date. The forms of movement vary widely, but physical activity and exercise, while equally beneficial, are not quite the same. Physical activity is all types of movement produced by muscles, which leads us to spend more energy than we had and to rest, that is, everything we do daily when we are not resting, walking from room to room, cleaning the house, washing the dishes, walking the dog, going down the stairs of the building, playing among other things. Physical exercise is a systematic sequence of movement, performed in a planned manner and with a specific movement. Physical exercise can serve to balance or increase muscles, reduce body fat, improve breathing capacity, decrease blood pressure and prevent the onset of some diseases. The essential thing is to try to do something that gives you pleasure and to do it continuously, no matter how, move!