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The latest news ....
Hard Fork 21 has come and gone......
We are running HF-22 now, and all of the top 21 witnesses have installed this new patch.
There was a glitch / bug that effected the downvote power and power is recovering.
This Hard Fork went a lot smoother than HF-20 I think we can all be thankful for that.

The spotlight this week is on the white metal Silver, and @silvertop can only speculate that the trade wars are pumping up the price....
This morning Silver was at $18.32 .......

Steem base feed price is up at .211 this morning....

BTC is down $34.90 this morning at $9,522.91

Actifit has added two new tokens for automatic tags when you post your daily @actifit post.....
Steemzzang that pays out in ZZAN, and Sportstalk that pays out with Sports !!!
@actifit has also created a market where you can spend your AFIT tokens.
They seem committed to holding the exchange value at .036 cents per AFIT token.
High Five to @mcfarhat for all he is doing!!!

Here is the latest on the rewards pool......
Remember this is the total Steem in the fund. This can fluctuate with power up's power down's ....... and Steem payouts.
Let's see where we are at !!!!!

Todays rewards fund/pool in Steem 924,443


let's check the USD price ......

Todays rewards fund/pool in USD $194,870

Now take a look at Steem.....

The value of Steem in USD is .... .211 cents, this is the Steem feed price, if you look at the markets price it is at .163 cents this morning........
The above chart is reflecting the Steem feed price.....
The price of SBD is at .82 ......

usd .png

For the moment Steem is just bouncing between .163 and .165 cents .....

I try to post this regularly, and when I see a larger change, and when I spot something new ....
I created these graphs personally, so I could follow the total USD and total Steem in the Rewards fund. These are strictly for educational purposes and not be taken as financial advice....... I hope you found them helpful! @silvertop does!

I believe we have something special here on Steem!!!
and I also believe we have something special with Steem-Engine and the SCOT coins!!!

Here are some links that might also be helpful :

Spot BTC: 9,522.91 +34.90
Spot Gold: 1,523.20 -3.90
Spot Silver: 18.32 +.09
Spot Palladium: 1,510.00 +56.00
Crude Oil 54.95
DJIA : 26,371.73 +9.48
Steem base feed price .211
Steem Market price .163
SBD .82
Actifit SP: 520,418.28 -7,209.90
Upvotebuilders: SP: 30,334.42 +2,875.58
Steemcryptosicko SP: 53,713.76 -3,070.48
TIPU: SP: 2,403,487.70 +44,887.20

palnet.io is built on the Steem blockchain and has the same witnesses. Pal is the native token, and you can stake your Pal like powering up.
You can buy PALM and PALMM tokens that are PAL miners!

If you add the tag palnet, and now steemleo and now zzan, neoxian , sportstalk and partiko to your post you will be posting to all of these and possibly get rewards on all of these!
The list of new tribes continues!!!
Just be aware that some tags like steemleo are for investments/crypto post only...

PAL token: ..0311
PALM token: 1.64 (mining token )
PALMM token: 16.20 (faster mining token ) Up 7.14
LEO token: ..01361
NEOXAG: .00442
ZZAN: ..00574
Sports: .00009
AFIT: .0007
AFITX (NEW) 1.41 down .68
TPU: ..196
STEEMP: ..164 (Steem-Peg)

A big shout out to @mcfarhat and the @actifit team!!!!
Exciting times to come!!!!!

A big shout out to @ketcom and the @upvotebuilders team !!!!!!
UpvoteBuilders a team of upvote builders creating better rewards for content creators through upvotes - There Is Power In Unity

https://steem-engine.com This is a new DEX (Distributed Exchange )

https://actifit.io The steem Dapp that pays you steem and AFIT tokens that are exchangeable for upvotes......... get out and exercise! :)
@actifit went live on Steem-Engine with there ISO sale of AFIT tokens....
12,000+ Steem volume and 240,000+ AFIT tokens sold that day!!

@actifit is holding there exchange of AFIT for upvote value at .036 cents, and if you post to @actifit from actifit.io you will be rewarded with three additional AFIT token's!!
Now not only does @actifit pay out upvote rewards for your steps, but also AFIT tokens that have cash value!!!!
AFIT Tokens... @actifit native Token exchangeable for upvotes @ .036 cents each!
Way to go @actifit!!!!!

Guys keep your eyes on @actifit and @upvotebuilders...... I see big things to come!!!!!

Also check out @steembasicincome Steem Basic Income is a social experiment to bring a basic income to as many Steemians as possible.

https://steemblockexplorer.com/ ( your user name here )

https://steemd.com/( your user name here )

https://steem.supply/( your user name here )





https://steemworld.org/( your user name here )

https://freedomex.io Smart Media Exchange




https://steem-engine.rocks/@(your user name) This is Steem-Engine explorer

The word from @actifit is that they have long range plans of starting there own exchange, and introducing actifit onto other blockchains!!!!!
@silvertop would like to give a big High Five to @mcfarhat for all his hard work, this could be big .......very exciting news!!!

If you have any stats. that you would like to share, or for @silvertop to follow post a comment below! Have a good day!!!


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