Happiness Is Your Birthright 😊🙏🧚✨

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Friday is here, my lovelies, & the messages have been intense this week. Today is no exception.

Have you noticed that when we are around children, they exude an energy of wonder & pure joy? They seem to energetically vibrate on a level we tend to forget as we age & go through life...most look at what's truly important & want to help others. They don't put limitations on their own expressions & being happy seems to be their default setting...
This is an inner knowing we all have; our inner compass. Some of us have lost sight of it through life's pain & traumas we have experienced, whether we are consciously aware of this or not. Some managed to hold onto some of this energy & try to share this with others around them...
Whatever your particular situation is, know your birthright is happiness as the card says. You are here to experience all different types of emotions & experiences but happiness is the key expression to remain in.
This can come in so many forms. It doesn't mean smiling all the time & acting everything is okay 100% of the time. It's having gratitude even when things are tough & it's hard to find a reason to smile. It's seeing one positive attribute you have each day, even if it's miniscule. It's knowing you have a deeper purpose, even if you haven't figured it out yet. It's doing something kind for someone else, even when you are going through your own personal storm...
You don't have to be what ever expectations you put on yourself because society says so (aka the matrix). It's discovering you are enough as you are. And that is your birthright.

So, it's okay if you're not quite there yet but know, whatever life has dealt you at the moment, it isn't permanent. The lessons are there to learn to help you grow & become a better version of yourself. Just take one step toward that happiness today & you will be one step closer to claiming it.
Remember, to know thyself is to know thy truth. 🙏🧚✨💕

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WOW, great card and message this morning.

The Universe has amazing messages & has been pretty spot on lately. I am only the messenger but so glad it resonated for you! Appreciate you always ❤️

  ·  7 months ago 

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