Will PeakD's Tipping Feature Remove The Need For Sites Like Patreon?

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Let me share with you a story...

Meet Jongo - He's a content creator, entrepreneur and all around swell dude!

IMG_0938 2.png

He's been building businesses online and writing his blog for almost 2 decades and stumbled across 'a certain blockchain' about 2 and a half years ago...

Jongo fell in love with the potential of it. He saw a long term strategy of being able to create content on it while spreading the message of how important this blockchain could be...For not only content creators but online entrepreneurs in general.

He decided to create a Patreon page for his project to bring awareness to 'that certain blockchain'...

Hoping to get support from the outside community, he started spreading the word about the blockchain and all it's amazing potential...As you can see, Jongo got discouraged pretty quickly....

Jon G  Olson is creating awesome sauce content to let the world know about STEEM    Patreon.png

Now that being said, Jongo didn't promote his Patreon page as much as he should have...Because he was too busy building his training platform for the blockchain (@SteemSavvy) and integrating it into his online business @ClickTrackProfit

But still....It's discouraging to put that much effort into helping spread the news about the blockchain and getting such little support....

Thus is the story for most content creators...They have all the passion in the world, but finding the support to 'keep going' can be quite a daunting task...

And then HIVE happens...

More specifically one of the leading applications on the blockchain...

@PeakD happens...

And I'm not sure if people saw what these amazing entrepreneurs did last week but they introduced...Tipping or as they call it 'Creator Support Tools!!


Here's my big bold statement...

PeakD's Tipping feature can remove the need for ANY creator to rely upon Patreon to support their content creation journey. (And stop being so discouraged in the process...)

Here's why:

1. It removes the '7 day payout' window - This was a huge concerns specifically for vloggers and blockchain creators that used video for their content. You see, after 7 days and the upvotes have been tallied, their content really didn't have much 'future'...Now a creator can post their content on @threespeak or @dtube and STILL get rewarded after the 7 day payout window has passed. This alone, is SO important to attract creators to the blockchain.

2. It's integrated RIGHT into PeakD - No need to fumble around, and try to figure out how TIP someone....Just find the 'gift' icon below the post, decide what you want to tip and let the application do the rest. It's seamless and easy to use. Which again, is very important to the blockchain experience.

Tips  Notifications and Other Improvements   PeakD.png

3. This Is HIVE's Version Of BAT - I don't mess around with a lot of crypto projects. I look for use case, which is why I'm so bullish on HIVE...But another project I absolutely love is BAT or the Basic Attention Token. Which combines with the Brave browser to allow you to 'tip' content creators around the web....The PeakD tipping feature is our little version of the BAT tips!

4. It Doesn't Rely On The Rewards Pool - I get a kick out of the rewards pool and think it's fascinating, but this feature does not rely on the rewards pool for creators to actually...Get rewarded! This is a big plus for the blockchain because far too many times, we promote HIVE as being a place where you get 'upvotes'! Which is true, but combine that with a tipping feature that doesn't use upvote power...You can see how this can be a big win for creators in the long run!

And at the end of the day, it helps build even stronger communities. Sites and services like Patreon fulfil a human desire to 'belong' to something bigger. When I support a creator on Patreon, I feel like I'm helping them in their journey and that matters to me because it's a journey I believe in as well...

It feels good to support creators you get value from and allows for people to really feel a part of something.

We can do that with ease now on HIVE and @PeakD ! And for these reasons stated above, I believe we can attract more amazing creators and support the ones that are doing great things here right now...

It's time to #ThriveOnHive

#POSH link -

Let's bring the blockchain to online entrepreneurs like never before!

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I do believe this tool can replace Patron, but we need a lot more users to be able to beat that platform.

Another option that I was thinking and I think a lot of people have discussed about this is the following:

When you make a comment using @peakd you can set up any beneficiar. So if we find a very good post that has already been paid our or was not paid enough we can put the author of the post as 100% beneficiary and then upvote that comment. Others can do the same for seven day. This is all manual, but I think there may be a way to automatize this.

that’s a great point. i think as things develop automation will start becoming a reality. i know myself i always try to include the @steem.dao as a beneficiary for my posts. because i wanna attract lots more development :)

thanks for the tip too. much appreciated:)

You are welcome! Yes with all these tools we have a lot of options to grow. The future is exciting!

It’s an awesome feature isn’t it! I love the way it just appeared and feels so natural straight away!

It could also encourage more people to buy hive tokens so they can tip!

And if it cld be automated then it’d be even more like Patreon!

A wonderful new feature with a great future!

Oh man, that's the truth...

It really does feel so natural and seamless in the way they integrated it.

Yup, if someone (a lot smarter than me lol) can figure out how to automate it, entire businesses can thrive on a 'creator' side of things here on HIVE....And the best part, does NOT rely on the rewards pool.

I was reading some comments on a Hive post the other day (don't remember the post actually) but someone commented that they liked autovoting a creator as they looked at it much like a Patreon type function. The idea being that while some pieces were probably worth more of the reward pool, they overall valued the general content that a creator put out over time. I thought that to be an interesting perspective and one I share somewhat.

That's a great point and heck, even more reasons to love the blockchain lol

That's the one thing I've never really done yet on my journey, set up a autovote for my account...Got to admit, I'm a little ignorant on it all lol

I love the new tipping feature too.
I have never thought about tips on Hive and Patreon the way you did but you definitely have a strong point.

Let's see how this function will play out. There are a ton of improvements that can be added like automated monthly tipping to you favorite content creators etc.

Thanks for the good read man!
May my comment be purple with this tip! Hehehe

that’s exactly what i’m thinking too. if there was some way to do a monthly subscription. wow. game over.

How about adding the tipping feature to comments too?
Authors with low HP would definitely need something like that ;)

That would be slick!

Thanks for the tip man, much appreciated :)

Anytime bro!

I'm with you on this 100%. I felt two of the biggest barriers for people to get involved with steem were the on boarding issue, (massively improved on hive) and the 7 day window. The 7 days killed all reason to produce quality content as you either got hit with auto votes and did well or were not seen at all.
Tipping gives people a reason to produce good content that can stand the test of time and bring in outside traffic. It's gives people a reason to upload good videos that will be relevant in a year's time.
Also love bat and have been building up my stack. Brave is so handy and requires zero effort to earn. My favourite type of coin.

agreed. this can change so much to attract more creators here. everything just seems to fit perfectly with hive now. big things ahead :)

This is super exciting to me as a Patreon user myself. I have had the same frustrations as you (btw thank YOU for your support 😉) with setting my Patreon account & receiving hardly any results. This tip feature is definitely a game changer. Being acknowledged for our work is important & receiving a tip is nice.

I especially like that it's not confined to the 7 day window. It gives a lot of serious content creators a real chance to build their brands financially as well.

I definitely will be utilizing this & hope others will as well so we can encourage & uplift each other's work..🙌🔥

That's a big one..Especially for video creators like you. Without the 7 day window to get as many rewards as possible, now we can long tail this content and just create awesome stuff...It'll become evergreen and who knows what kind of rewards will follow down the road!

Seems like every time I login and start reading there is more good news about hive out projects being built on hive. Projects and users are putting in a lot of time to build here. Amazing to watch.

lol it’s like the gift that keeps on giving.

yeah it’s pretty remarkable what this place can achieve. I think we’re finally beginning to realize it all now from what we’ve learned from the last blockchain.

huge thanks for the tip too :) appreciated.

You got my first tip ever. Need to find some good content creators that I don’t follow and give them some tips. It will change this place if people use this feature.

Very much appreciated. Yeah I think it's a habit a lot of us will form going forward. Big things for creators in the long run!

Don't forget that those who are successful on Patreon, Twitch, Youtube Superchats... do things to promote those feature sets and maybe even incentivize them. They don't just happen... the creators push them.

That's a great point...Would be very easy for creators here to incentivize / create their own fan groups etc...But I almost guarantee you guys have something brewing ;)

Thanks for all you do, this new feature is like the cherry on top! Thanks for the tip as well, greatly appreciated :)

Nothing we do will be successful without creators willing to put in hard work... I can assure that. Only good creators and ones that work hard will be long term successful.

I think tipping will have a great positive impact.

It could change the content creation journey for so many people here...Nothing better than to make people feel appreciated and valued. The tipping allows for this to happen big time :)

I love the tipping feature I must say.
Immediately I discover the features, I tried it out without hesitation and I must say it is good but my main concern is i hope people will not abuse the features later in the future

I think there is protection in place. Still a very valuable resource.

When you thought Hive was already awesome BAM it strikes with this cool feature!
Never used Patreon but very useful for Youtubers and Instagramers that need that extra income to survive while waiting for results on their pages...
If they only knew...
That's why we need to show HIVE to the world and create awareness that this is the future!
All those traditional programs that don't give you almost nothing and if they give you something it will take months or even years to earn something...
When there's HIVE with all those programs combined in one place and earning right away on the first post or even comment!
People are soooo missing too much!
Oh and tipping comments would also be awesome! Don't know how SBI is working here but tipping would be a cool alternative for your "Road to 10k" videos ;)

Yeah it sucks about SBI and wish they would get rid of the downvote brigade, but this is a fantastic option....And it'll attract many more creators who feel like they have LONG term potential to be rewarded from their content here....

Just a win on so many levels for sure!

I’m using esteem now on my mobile but in desktop it’s peakd all the way I’m loving the new tip function myself and @midlet have been screaming about for ages and how it can be improved over time! It’s for sure a USP over tipping coins like doge and reddcoin that have bots that can be connected on reddit or twitter and a step up on like coin for sure

As for patreon the power there is for sure in the pay wall same with only fans! I know a few peeps including peakd are working on a pay wall solution for creators to take on the links of patreon which would be freaking epic

Oh man, you said it...I think this is just the beginning of what is going to come for strategic ways to encourage creators to come to the blockchain and build their following or better yet...Bring their followings here!

Agree with you, this is only the beginning and sure their are other platforms like LBRY which means we cannot slack! I think with all the censorship going on now it’s only a matter of time!

Once these tools are built and the community has tested them we can go out and start recruiting and like you say bring the creator and they’ll bring their following

Love that feature. That'd be a a lot of gifts to start to equal Patron, I would think. It would be a great thing to start to see though.

Man I worked my butt off on my Patreon page.....Got one supporter LOLOL

Maybe I'm just bitter lol

😂 Ya, I can't imagine attempting to make a living off of it at the moment. It's a good concept. I have sooo many ideas around it - to expand and build... just can't get to the point where I can develop the solutions fast enough without a team.. :-)

It's a great new feature and it will help the most with "upvoting" (tipping) the great content that is over 7 days old! And there are really great content on the platform!

I love it because it's like we talk about in our webinars all the time...You work on a piece of content, put your blood sweat and tears into it...And now it's got legs and the ability to get rewarded years down the road. Very exciting stuff!

I had no idea about this feature. I post videos every now and then and ill be posting a lot more in the near future so knowing about this is great! I think more people need to know about this.

Yeah I'm throwing it out there on Twitter and Facebook to raise awareness for it. It's pretty much the best thing ever lol

I am just delving into the tipping feature but have already used it a few time for certain content creators. those that I believe are participating everyday and adding valuable content.
I personally have been giving 100% up-vote to some posts that I believe is valuable contribution but with the tipping feature I am no longer held by my percentage, I can actually tip them greater amounts and that I find gratifying because it is totally in my control to add the value that I get from a post

I think that's another great point, you dont need your upvote mana to reward creators that you want to support. Big plus for sure!

Ya know I've been pondering the tipping feature and patreon never occurred to me but that is an interesting marketing angle. I wonder about patreon and wonder how much people actually make for the services they provide. It seems to me that patreon costs people money to support a content creator and tipping on hive would not because hive is so easily earned. We ought to give some more thought to targeting prospects this way

Yeah that's a great point...Patreon takes a boat load of fees too as well, so even if you make a buck they'll take a big chunk of it for their costs and fees too.

HIVE is just a better option all around and PeakD is making it that much better IMO :)

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