Road Trip!

in #photo9 months ago

I had to go up the mtn. to see some snow. It was about a 3 hour round trip.
Pictures taken by me with my flip phone, today, 12/15/2019

I wish I would have taken my good camera but I forgot it and had to use my flip phone to take a couple pictures. Didn't even think of that until I was on my way back so ... I might go to the snow again soon and get better pictures. Oh, and my better camera has a broken battery cover thing so I might even have to get a new camera.
Gotta check my crypto now. I'm checking my CTP, LEO, UFM and others every day to see what I need more of :-)


Great car and awesome license plates :)

Thanks :-)

Hi @busylion. Thanks for sharing your post. Great pictures with your phone. Although I love pictures of the snow and scenery, I prefer to live in warmer climates.

rofl me also, I like tropical areas with nice beaches and lots of sun & tequila but, I don't live in that perfect type of area. So I go up the mountain sometimes or drive over 3 hours to go to the California coast.

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