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Original Maui Photography!!!... 🌩️🌩️🌩️xviewxview
This blog consists of my original Maui photography. I try to take a picture or two of the sunset every night for my steemit blog, here are my latest pic favorites (although tonight was cloudy we just got through a thunder storm)- I hope you like them and upvote! Aloha & Mahalo!
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I woke this morning and the power was out.

I didn't get my morning intake of coffee on time, thus the salty last post lol! I hope you like these cloudy pics and upvote! Aloha & Mahalo!

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Thank you very much for sharing great photos, have a nice day

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I like photographer content...

Cool, you have a thunderstorm, but I have come cold times and a thunderstorm can only be in May :)

The clouds looked very subtle with hidden messages! That bird knew it well, so it flew home fast!!

Oh! Dear! No electricity so no coffee!
Last week, the same thing happen to me when I was getting my lunch! So, I had two pieces of bread with peanut butter instead!!
But you had a bad storm. We were in broad day light! I guessed some truck ran into electricity poles!

Keep a flask of hot water!

Did the power company ban you too?

That's funny, that's exactly the same thought I was thinking. I think so for the day!
Fine I'm done bothering you for the rest of the year! Happy Holidays!