CTPtalk and ClickTrackProfit makes it easy for you, just follow the road ahead, ...

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... https://clicktrackprofit.com/flaxz.

(Quick note: I will just make this small post today, due to the troubles with Steem-engine I will publish my blog post about writing an email follow up series on Tuesday)

Photo by Erik Gustafsson, adjustments made in Canva


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just follow the road ahead.."

Until you hit the installed UPGRADE toll-gate around level 7 (lol)

Thanks @weedermann, ok I will be completely honest with you here, if paying for the tools that you need to run your business is something that you see as a stop-sign and not as an opportunity to be more productive, then you don't have a business, just a hobby.

Of course there are ways to start from zero, and I made an ebook about starting a list for free, but that's the start, once you get some cashflow it's always the best thing to upgrade, it makes you more productive and you get way better tools and services to work with.

But you also need to remember here, using the affiliate programs for these tools and services to make them pay their own bills and profit is just level 1, to get to level 2 you need to use them to actually build a business with, to promote a lot of different affiliate products and services, and in level 3 you promote your own products and services and run an affiliate program for them.

This is the road I am talking about, in no way does that imply you don't have to pay for the tools and services needed to run your own business, and as I said you can start from zero at level 0, and then work your way up.

And level 1 to level 3 is all part of CTP, the level 0 is something that I made myself since I saw a need for it, but it ties directly into level 1 once you get going and start making some money.

I hope you understand what I am talking about here, and I wish you an awesome day.

"Just follow the road..."

If only it was that easy. :)

Thanks @weedermann, following that road is still hard work of course, but not as hard as if you had to make your own road, or fork out of the road, forking in to the road on the other hand is way easier and a very great way to both stand out and building your brand, while still using the already made road.

Nice photo, @flaxz!

Steem-Engine has had many issues recently.

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Thanks @cryptospa, yeah I have noticed that, I think they even made a replay or something, let's see how they do ahead, I think they will be abe to fix it, if I am correctly informed then they updated the node database or something, stay awesome.

cool very cool

Thanks @adysscheryl, I just got the idea to make a graphic, so that's what I came up with.

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How are things in Catalonia?

Thank you. 👍🙏