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RE: Auto tweet your STEEM posts.

in #poshlast year

I tried to share my latest post on Twitter. When I looked at my tweet there, the picture is really horrible quality. I understood it might have upscaled my thumbnail and caused a quality loss. But I changed the picture for thumbnail to be bigger and tweeted it again yet the quality of the image on Twitter is still horrible. Is this something you've also experienced?


No actually. I even checked my latest post/ tweet and the picture is perfect on it. My actifit posts have a blurry photo from whatever image they are using as stock but anything that i have posted myself or shared from another feed is coming up fine.

Ah yes I can see that, I think for the actifit ones it is because of how small that running man image is, so it becomes stretched out and blurry. That's what I assumed was the case with mine too as my first picture was smaller than the size shown on twitter. Though it still happens after I changed the image to a bigger one and shared to twitter again. So it is weird. I see your other posts do show the picture just fine indeed.

Ya. So i'm not sure how to fix yours. It probably has something to do with the size of images you are using but some of mine are my own photos and some of them are stock images but they both seem to work fine. Hmmm....

Yeah, I was thinking the image size too, but then using the bigger image should solve the problem. Unless the smaller one was still cached somewhere and caused the smaller thumbnail to be used again. Next time I'll post one with a thumbnail like that I'll put it bigger right away and then see what it looks like after sharing to twitter!

I'm pretty sure the smaller thumbnail was still cached and used again after I changed the picture. I made a new post, where picture used for thumbnail is much bigger to begin with. Then I shared that one to Twitter too and for this one the picture shown on twitter is of good quality! :D So I removed the shared post on twitter from the other day, as that blurry picture did not represent the quality I try to keep with my thumbnails :P