New dAPP: Guest Posting on STEEM! (2 dApps, 1 Week)

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Hello everyone,

I didn't quite expect this to be finished in the same week, as this project has been ongoing for over 3 months at this point.

Big props to @steemitqa for being there to ping ideas between and also being a verbal punching bag when stuff wasn't working (I hope it didn't feel like that as I wasn't mad at you lol) so big thanks man, as he wanted something like this for a while.


Well, you might be surprised to hear this isn't a tribe/frontend, it's actually a service which developers can use to post to the chain without having to maintain their own pool of accounts and SP. I also know that the current STEEM posting methods are kind of unintuitive and a bit painful to implement, so I've made this as simple as I can think of, as a developer myself.

I've made it all into a single transaction, with many choices of payouts, which you won't need to do much setup with, but I'll go on to talk about that in a minuite.

So really, I think STEEM is missing a big opportunity to try-before-you-buy. Now obviously, a user can't collect their rewards without an account, but I'm thinking that's something dApps could offer, use this to collect a 3 STEEM signup fee (or whatever) and then send the rest into their wallet to keep.


Ok, let's get into this.

For Eager Devs

Documentation Here

For the full scoop

So, I've explained why I made it, so lets get into the use of it.


It's what you're all wondering, I know! The fees are currently 10% for Anonymous (no app linked) and 5% for PRO (APP Steem Account linked) - This is to encourage responsibility. With pro, the app name and a user's given name (provided by the app) will appear at the bottom of the post, whereas with anon it will only state it was posted through our API anonymously. Obviously, it's not truly anonymous as that'd be a massive risk, so we do log IP addresses and other data, as stated in our (as short as possible) ToS below.

Don't be fooled, PRO accounts don't cost money, just a linked STEEM account, to show you care about quality and would put your name to it!
  1. You'll want to read the ToS first.
  2. If you want a pro account, you'll want to visit the web portal (see the documentation for instructions: here) to obtain a key (they are free)!
  3. You'll want to get a code sample or documentation from our documentation
    Request as below
        "body": "Content of your post....",
        "category": "first-tag",
        "title": "Title of the Post",
        "metadata": {"anything": "that is metadata"},
        "payout": "likwid",
        "beneficiaries": {"cadawg": 10000},
        "permlink": "not-the-final-permlink",
        "tags": ["first-tag", "second-tag", "third-tag", "fourth-tag", "fifth-tag", "sixth-tag"],
        "app": "GuestPosting",
        "community": "GuestPosting/v0.0.1",
        "user": "User Identifier (PRO Only)",
        "key": "Your Key Here (PRO Only)"
  4. You'll also probably want to take notice of our wide selection of Payout options:
    • 5050: Default Payout (50% STEEM & SBD, 50% SP)
    • powerup: 100% Powerup
    • likwid: Use likwid (1.5% fee) to recieve 100% liquid payout (100% STEEM/SBD)
    • decline: Decline Curation Rewards, Send your share to null
    • donate: 100% to our service as 5050
    • null: Allow curation rewards, your share of post rewards to null
    • steem.dao: Allow curation rewards, your share of post rewards to steem.dao

As a developer, I'm sure the documentation is a better way to go for this, for users, you're already on the chain so you won't need this. Lets get onboarding started!!!!

Yeah there is no UI at the moment, so don't complain that you can't use it! =)

Also, I should mention there are separate pools:





Also, this is costing me 900 SP in delegation so support me LOL. I was so sad to see my vote go from 0.079 to 0.069 😭


This is a really nice service. Guest accounts are a really good thing for getting people into the community. Hope your business goes well.

Thanks, might have someone interested so 🤞

Saw this because of the burn promotion which is awedomr. Your pro account names are fun.

So does that mean this will be implemented into SteemPeak? JK I know you're already making your own 😁. Yeah the pro account names were intended to be fun, just gotta come up with more when requests get higher 🤞, it'll be a nice problem to have!

~ @cadawg

Yeah seems like all the apps are starting to impliment guest accounts and soon we will also be doing guest commenting. We will have to work together to show the comments along with any guest names

THIS! YES, I've added this data to meta (@ is now removed from apps though) we'll all need to agree on some format

But POSTS, as I'm sure you've guessed is a new level of fun due to the 5 minuite rule, that's why I'm offering this - it was a pain for me to write, but I hope my suffering 🤣 will save some devs time and allow them to compete in this space, as you've said, guest accounts are becoming a big thing now. Comments are planned and shouldn't be too hard to implement - just enabling the parent_author field, might do it tonight lol.


This could actually be really useful for some of our streamers on @vimm. Hey @chiren, what do you think of this?

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streemers LOL. Would be cool!

Thanks bro no hard feelings been a fun ride watching you do your magic and look forward to putting some of these new shiney tools together and use them. Much love ( no to much homo) just a lil homo.

LOL. I hope ppl use it tbh

Im a little confused about one point. Will the post appear on the domain? If so, and it is the primary domain for the post, then this could be a gold mine!!!

It will appear everywhere a STEEM post would (like this one), and the "main"/cannonical would be whatever the publisher sets!

~ @cadawg

So, I've explained why I made it, so lets get into the use of it.

How about an actual description of what "it" is? I have no idea what this thing is.

It is an API (Some code for other apps to integrate with) which allows an app to post a post via one of the accounts at the bottom of the post, so that we can give people a taste/collect signup/commitments before giving out full STEEM accounts.

Hope this makes it clear,
Any more questions just ask below,
~ @cadawg

Thank you CADawg, I have been waiting for someone to do this. I have an app account for this, I will be contacting in DM.


I'm kind of busy at the moment, but I'll be on in about an hour and a half if all goes well. (maybe earlier if it goes very well)

@cadawg, Good to see that you are moving forward with your Developments quickly. Good wishes from my side and stay blessed.

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Thanks! It means a lot to have a great community.

~ @cadawg

Welcome and keep enjoying your developing journey. Have a great time ahead.

Not sure any vote I can give will make a difference, but appreciate the hard work and good to see you on PYPT!

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What would be the payout string for decline payout?

Don't worry I read the docs @cadawg haha! Is there a prob with the API at the moment?

    "body": "Test post - don't vote",
    "category": "first-tag",
    "title": "Test guest post using",
    "metadata": {},
    "payout": "decline",
    "beneficiaries": {},
    "permlink": "test-guest-post-using-api-steem-tools",
    "tags": ["test"],
    "app": "GuestPosting",
    "community": "GuestPosting/v0.0.1",
    "user": "contrabourdon",
    "key": "xxx"

    "success": false,
    "error": "Error Connecting to STEEM!"

Damn you broke it, I'll take a look later!

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nice to see that people are tackling the onboarding issue.

I should have voted this post when I first saw it, but was waiting for my SP to build back up. Sorry about that.

Instead I will just send you some !SHADE 5 and !DERANGED as this is super creative!

Thank you for your work on this project and sharing it with us last week on the #PYPT Show.

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