815 posts later...My 2nd Steem anniversary!

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Well well well...

Time flies. That's for sure...

I still remember that afternoon, some 2+ years ago, in mid December 2017...I was killing my time on my FB feed page when I came across to that random comment on someone's post....

It was something like: "Hey you have some skills man, why don't you join Steemit and do the exact same thing while getting payed BIG TIME?"

And just like that, I found myself googling "Steemit."

And then a ton of info. Crypto...blockchain...KYC...witnesses...currency...exchanges....BTC...

-What the fuck? I thought it was going to be a piece of cake.

Note that I had absolutely no clue what cryptos were back in the day. And I ain't talking about STEEM only. I didn't even know what BTC was...Completely uninformed...I was even living in another country back then, Cyprus.

Almost a month later I received that confirmation email from Steemit. Hell ya... I was in.

Holy fuck I'm gonna get rich!!!
Every single post on trending and hot page had a potential payout from 200$ to 2000$. And I was like: "I must be dreaming" 2000$ for a single post? Needless to remind you that STEEM was sitting at 4$ - 5$ back then..."I'm gonna solve my financial problems here...piece of cake"!

Well, not quite...

Ya'll have to try harder to be noticed brah...

And I am glad that things turned out to be more of a struggle than a walk in the park. There was absolutely no chance to be able to build my account if the price kept cruising at those levels. Not just me...but almost anyone...

It might sound weird but I would make that very same trip all over again. I really enjoy being around here. I even like the flaws, that everyday grinding, the efforts being made by the STEEM believers to fix what's broken and make STEEM known to every corner of the globe.

I've "met" a few remarkable individuals that I wish I can meet them in person one day and not just talk to them behind a screen.

A huge THANK YOU, to every single one of you who have supported me throughout these 2 years and an even bigger one to those who have trusted me. Needless to name names...

2020-01-10 22_02_11-mindtrap _ Steem.png

So, how many things have changed since my 1st anniversary?

A lot...

Almost nothing is the same...What? No? Let's just see...

A year ago there was no Steem-engine...there were no Tribes...there was absolutely no communication between Steemit.Inc and the rest of us all. I have a feeling that there wasn't even a plan. SMT's? Communities? Nah...These were forbidden words...

And look at us now...

One might think that since the price dived that much there is no turning back and STEEM is nothing more than a dead project. How dare you...?

Unless you've been living under a rock or something you must have heard that we are one step away from the official launch of both SMT's and communities...

Tokenization of the web was the plan wasn't it? There you have it. So instead of whining about every little thing, just do your damn part and I rest assure you that STEEM will be the next big thing.

Not only because we happen do be around here and deep down we want it to thrive, but because it is technologically superior compared to 99%+ of all crypto projects.

As for me? Well you know the drill...

2020-01-10 21_52_51-mindtrap - @mindtrap _ SteemPeak.png

Have a great one peeps!

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Happy Steem anniversary dude! May you have many more Steem anniversaries to come!


Thanks a lot buddy!

Happy second birthday, mindtrap

!GIPHY Happy+Birthday


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Congratulations @mindtrap! You received a personal award!

Happy Birthday! - You are on the Steem blockchain for 2 years!

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Ha! Thanks @arcange!

Happy Birthday @mindtrap 🎈🎉🎂🎈🎉

Where else would you want to be. For all it's flaws and fights we've seen STEEM seriously develop over the past year with a lot more in the pipeline. It might be a grind from time to time but it's still my favorite place to spend time online with the potential to earn down the line.

Congrats on the anniversary and looking forward to the next year on here.

Thank you my friend. I couldn't have said it any better that this

You're a survivor like myself. We know what the plan is and will be here to see if it happens without getting caught up in the bullshit.

You're absolutely an achiever buddy it's my 2 years four months already and steem is far From dead buddy. Congratulations on your milestone

Thanks so much bud. Glad to see you active, contributing. You'll enjoy the fruits of your efforts later on!

Congrats man! It looks like it was only yesterday but you have done a lot of good work and for sure you are really an example for everybody here.
I can only say that I'm glad to have met you here.
Steem on mate!

Oh man...thanks so much for your kink words. You make me blush...

!GIPHY Happy+Birthday

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Good shit man. Grats on the two years!

Ha! Thanks...it feels like yesterday when I logged in for the first time

Happy anniversary @mindtrap

It has surely been a great journey since beginning of 2018 :)

It's great to have you around buddy

Thanks Piotr!

I'm so happy to see the great work you have done and even you are up to, being on STEEM is the best thing I have ever dream of. I have spent six months and it's going on so well with the Steem Community 💞 💕. Ride on Bro. Sending much love to you from Nigeria.

@mindtrap. Happy Steemit anniversary 🎉🎉🎉

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Thanks buddy!

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