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There are many reasons why I am so excited and also grateful if you will that I am part of the Steem family. But if I had to choose the main reason I feel excited that would be because Steem has been an eye opener for me.

I was educated.

Before STEEM and I crossed roads, I had no idea that there was this parallel universe, the crypto universe. Terms such as decentralization, I mean the deep meaning of the word, was something like a utopia to me. Ordinary people like you and I can do very little to change what monarchs / governments / banks...have been building for decades if not centuries.

How could I fight them in the first place? With my bear fists? They are holding machine guns and they make sure that any attempt that could set their plan in danger will have an exemplary death...

Still wondering why I feel grateful for being here?

Consuming content on a daily basis made me realize that everything is possible. And Steem was my gateway to the whole crypto world. I won't pretend to be the cool guy who knew everything right from the beginning.

The truth is I knew shit...and if it wasn't for Steem I would have probably had the same mindset with all those people who are unaware of what STEEM...or BTC...and crypto in general is. Some of them like to call cryptos a scam, when in reality they haven't read a single article on the web...

Superstition prevails wherever ignorance prevails.

So this life changing experience through Steem has turned a sheep into a wolf. Yeah...And I assume that the same goes for many of you too. It's OK...just admit it. It turned a doubter into a believer...

I am not talking about the success of STEEM here...but for the benefits we will all enjoy if cryptos resist to die. BTC isn't an enemy...EOS isn't an enemy either...ETH? NO...not even close...

We will either succeed all together or die all together. Period.

We don't have to compete LTC or TRON or anyone in this regard. They are not the enemy, and each of these projects have something to offer in the following years. We will get to a point of course where price will be reflected according to their development and growth, so stop whining about the prices and focus on other things.

The real enemy is the one cryptos are trying to get rid of...

Exactly because I am a believer I am trying desperately to drag into the crypto world friends and family. I am miserably failing till now. I am trying to show them that there is an alternative...that things CAN change and that through that change they can also enjoy great profits. I am trying to educate them the very same I was educated in here through others' posts.

When you know that something good is about to happen, even if it might take a decade, you want the people close to you to be part of this. For their own good...I have nothing to gain if my cousin makes a fortune just because he decided to invest in...STEEM or BTC or whatever coin that eventually skyrocketed...

There are no referrals here...

  • Do I think that all projects out there are valuable?

Of course not...probably not even half of them...

  • Do I think that STEEM is among the ones that will survive?

FUCK yeah...Not only it will survive, it will shine like a bright star.

Mark my words...

There will be a day where people will fight over a single STEEM token. So consider yourselves lucky for being here so early and treat every single STEEM token you earn with respect.

Food for thought...

Have a great one people.

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Great article! I have just recently come to the realization of what steem really is. This started with a post I read by @riverflows. It caused, for me, a shift in paradigm. From that point forward (yesterday ;P) I am steadfast to produce better content and contribute only that which I am proud of to the steem community. Steemit should be full of all the worlds best and I absolutely look forward to it's future!! Cheers! I call this The New American Dream, globalversion 1.0.0

THat's a great attitude and one i would love to see a lot more of. For now the users should be trying to add as much to STEEM as possible so that it can grow better and then we will all win in the future.

If one person is motivated after reading these lines then this post fulfilled its purpose. That’s the best reward for me...

It definitely has had an impact on my life so far. It has been negligible so far when it comes to my financial portfolio for the years I have invested. I am past that and the anticipation of 100x value has definitely waned. The high inflation early on in the supply and the constant sell off by steemit seem to be undermining the value of the currency itself lately.

What is exciting to me is the organic community and structure that grow despite this, and the power we have as individuals which supports some of your points. We get to decide what effort and resources we put up and the value we get in return. The prospect of big monetary return is still there but only as a bonus for me. It is a little motivation to maintain focus as I get huge benefits from interacting with my friends from across the globe.

Hopefully we will be taking off in community and functionality while the supply slows. Then you will see the big upside. Doesn’t take an economist to understand supply and demand but we have many economists joining up an they can help you with that. ;)

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Looking forward to these days...

Absolutely true. Steem will shine like a bright star. Why? The consistent development that is taking place is going to vault it to the forefront in the blockchain/crypto world. It will take some time but it is going to happen.

You are right about competition. That is old system thinking. EOS, LTC, BTC are not competition. They are blockchains (with tokens) that offer people functionality to do different things. Some of it overlaps with Steem, some does not.

Yet, at the end of the day, there are going to be 7B people online by the middle of the next decade. We are going to see hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of different applications used.

At the end of the day, we are all in this together.

We are all going to the same moon, right?

I agree. Technology is evolving really fast, tasks are being automated, and there's a lot of great tools being developed. Cryptocurrency is the future! If they don't want to believe us, then, in the end, it's their fault because they chose to stay mediocre.


I can agree I've received a free education, and actually been paid a meager wage for hanging around.. I don't share your ecstatic life changing experience but different strokes for different folks..

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Are we making progress or what? Where’s my downvote?

😂 definitely progress, I damn near upvoted!

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I'm with you @mindtrap 100%. I too thought that way about crypto.

"Too good to be true, so must be a scam" is a comment that's been brainwashed into us by governments and other politically correct nanny-state organisations. A very Orwellian aspect, one that's very hard to change. Let's move on from that 1984 mindset, and embrace blockchain as the only true democracy.

You want to make money in today's crypto age? Then you must accept that cash is dying, digital currency has state control issues so will probably not be adopted, leaving crypto as the only way forward.

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