Steem's superiority won't go unnoticed for much longer...

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You don't have to be an expert to understand why Steem is going to be one of the most attractive destinations for people who want to build and run their businesses on the Internet.

But before that...people need to be somehow informed and educated on what this totally new and decentralized world has to offer...

One might say that this is already happening...not on Steem but all over the Internet.

Kindly remind me...have these people or these businesses cut off the middle men?

No they haven't...

For every single transaction they make, some random provider, later on a bank service...and in some occasions one has to pay an extra fee the moment they decide to withdraw their money, using the ATM of that very same bank which already had their cut via the online transaction in the first place.

Which is kinda twisted if you ask me...

But this is how things are done in our lovely modern world...

So the answer is Yes...and NO...

Yes...many people have built their businesses using the Internet and are doing great.

But at the same time those "little" fees left and right that seem pretty insignificant is what fuels this corrupted system and what has made and still make, the selected few...millionaires.

And this is where Steem comes into play...

So...why Steem and not...EOS...or BTC...or ETH?

No disrespect to the top contenders... -at least in terms of marketcap- but hey...who wants to wait up to 5 or maybe 6 hours until their transaction is confirmed? Yeah that's how much I had to wait the other day to send an amount of BTC from one wallet to another...

And those fees...might have significantly dropped since BTC's ATH season...but still. I remind you that back in the day in case you wanted to use BTC for micro transfers, and by micro transfers I mean anything up to 45$ the fees one had to pay for such a transfer exceeded the amount of the transfer itself...

Needless to talk about speed and such...

So STEEM vs BTC = STEEM all the way...

How about ETH?

While ETH is significantly faster compared to BTC, still, it's like comparing a FIAT Punto with a Ferrari in a 400m drag one has to pay those gas fees...

So we definitely have a winner here as well...and that is STEEM.

Hm...but EOS?

Well, EOS is fast as a rocket as well...but it ain't cheap. So I'll just drop this here

Technically no, there are no gas or other transaction fees on EOS.

However, there are several things to keep in mind when submitting an EOS transaction. The three EOS resources that need to be considered are CPU, Network bandwidth, and RAM. The first two resources (CPU and Network) requires an EOS staking, while the third resource, RAM, needs to be purchased.

STEEM simply combine everything.

Incredible speed...absolutely zero fees...not to mention about the social side of things...such as immortality, since there is no way for an individual to be censored...

The only thing we lack of is marketing. As soon as a professional or a team of professional marketers promote this blockchain the way it deserves...I am sure that great things will start happening...

Maybe I am biased regarding Steem because I really believe that it can be the perfect host for any kind of activity or business or whatever....but hey...facts are facts.

Have a great one people.
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I always wonder why not someone with deep pocket buy $10M worth of Steem and spend $1M in marketing, his stash could be $100M in no time considering the marketcap of ETH, EOS or TRON.

I wish I could be that guy!!!!

From my personal example, when I thirst thought about buying BTC it was $32 a piece in February, 2013. In last 6 years. I have invested $45K in cryptocurrency.

If miraculously I would have bought BTC with $45K on that time, then I could have 1400 BTC at my hand. With 1400 BTC, I could have buy 80M Steem or 80% of the liquid Steem from the exchange at current price of 17 cents. However, buying large amount of Steem from exchange will send Steem to a higher value. With strategy of sell walls, a large amount of Steem can be bought cheaply too.

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10 mill huh? A purchase like that needs massive sell walls and time or it would drive the price up in no time and investors wanna jump in when prices are low and people panic sell.

I think that the SPS could support a marketing campaign if a proper proposal was submitted...

Yes, it would be hard but doable.

But the missing opportunity still alludes me. I have wondered for more than three years why people like Winklevoss twins, Roger Ver (has account), even Charlie Shrem (was a witess) or early BTC/ETH/XRP whales take stake in Steem. They should have understand the opportunity being early adopters. Steem is banging all cylinders as a successful blockchain but (big) investors are just ignoring.

I hope SPS will come out. It will be more like DASH's Proposal System which helped it to promote a lot.

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Dash was what I was thinking of when I first head of SPS. The Dash Treasury turned them into a real beast and if you look at my early posts (I started in mid 2017), you will see me promoting Dash all over the place. But I think getting into STEEM, SMT and all the games and DAPPs can get even better ROI. As an investor that is actually my #1 metric. Therefor I have made STEEM into my biggest bet in my blockchain investments.

I've seen people get censored on here. Don't get me wrong, I love this platform but I would just like to point out that at times I have seen people with 'large' interests downvote ppl into oblivion. Most of the time for good reason, but I remember seeing some downvotes on posts a long time ago that had some 'alternative' content and someone had a difference of opinion, called the poster 'retarded' and other names and downvoted them into obscurity (and of course by that I do mean (click to show content) on most frontends - but this isn't considering the effect that that is going to have on the author - likely they will self-sensor.

Another instance I saw is with I don't know if you remember a while bark @thedarkoverlord was posting up some random stuff, they said they had some 9/11 files that they were going to release if they got the big bounty that they were asking for. They never got it, never shared what they had and ended up just posting some topless photos of some celebrity - which were removed with a DMCA takedown notice, and rightfully so, A person has the right to have private pics of them taken down. I'm not sure if you could even call a DMCA takedown notice 'censorship' since it's generally only having to due with copyright material... in the end... I don't really know what I'm saying. I feel like I just come on your posts to play devils advocate which is funny because I do like steem - if I didn't I wouldn't be on here... But just thought those two things are worth pointing out if one hasn't seen them before. I still do believe steem is great for getting information out there, because it is true that if soemone has something really important that they need to get out this could be a great place. One thing that companies would almost have to keep in mind posting on here would be the accountability that would come with making promises on the blockchain - which in itself wouldn't be a bad thing.

I've seen people get censored on here. Don't get me wrong, I love this platform but I would just like to point out that at times I have seen people with 'large' interests downvote ppl into oblivion.

People can downvote as hard as they wish, that doesn’t change the fact that what you uploaded is there. If you dig you’ ll bring in back on the surface regardless of the rewards.

As for the darkoverlords...are you sure that what they claimed they possessed was legit?

Nothing is censored in Steem blockchain, downvote makes it invisible.

Everything is stored in the blockchain and can be retrieved with different frontends.

The front-ends such as or are companies that abide the laws the country of residence and can censor stuffs due to the existential survival.

Steem is a censorless blockchain, frontends decide their censorship based on their TOS.

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You fail to understand how it all works.

The account you cite has all the text on the blockchain. At the same time, it still can be viewed by using (I didnt check the others). Thus, not only are all the posts on the blockchain, they can be viewed by at least one front end.

As for the DMCA, front ends have a choice, adhere to them or risk getting in trouble with their cloud provider, most likely AWS. Photos are not posted on the blockchain, only text. Anything uploaded, to ends up on the cloud. Therefore, if they do not take it down, a notice can be sent to Amazon to remove it.

Until more is done using SIA or Storj, this will be a part of the Internet experience.

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@mindtrap @dtrade @taskmaster4450le I understand perfectly well how steem works, I mentioned in my comment "and of course by that I do mean (click to show content) on most frontends" maybe that was a bit unclear... I am moreso referring to bullying, I guess I should concede that bullying ppl into silence is not the same as censorship - although you could argue that in some ways it still is.

I don't know if @thedarkoverlords "9/11" files were legit - it seems like they did have some celeb pics that got taken down as a result of aforementioned DMCA complaints. Those were real but would be interesting to hear what happened to their '9/11' bounty files, in all likelihood was just a bunch of hot air and a ruse to get some BTC via the bounty. Have not heard anything since.

I'm going to buy STEEM - maybe this is the last days when it costs $ 0.16

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There ya go! Jump in before it's too late

Hold my suitcases - I'm with you ;)

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good call

I hope you are right @mindtrap. I keep hoping we'll see more commercial use cases here... as in commerce, which would emphasize the actual commercial use of the Steem token. Think something like a peer-to-peer eBay meets Craigslist meets a free-lance service marketplace... on the blockchain. Fast, no fee, instant transfers, peer-to-peer transactions.

Half-hearted attempts have been made, but few with any follow-through... seems everyone just wants to do games and social apps. Maybe that'll start changing...


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I wouldn't mind if it was gaming what would shoot us to the moon and beyond tbh.

We are at a very early stage...

Someone or some entity with deep pockets will eventually come along and figure out how steem can benefit their business and jump in big time. As far as real-world, usable blockchains go steem is, hands down, the best. I just think that person has not stumbled into steem yet but they will...

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You've said it all. Looking forward to that day...

These days I'm casually explaining to my high school students that it's steem. I have understood that we must first talk about the concept of money and, necessarily, then review who are the trusted people to whom we deliver our transactions.

Of course, they are starting with the concepts of cryptomoneda and blockchain. But the important thing is to let them know that in this ecosystem the notion we have of money and work is something that goes beyond anything we have seen so far in our society.

I hope to be able to attract new young users with these proposals in my math classes and also to my teaching colleagues.

Wish me luck!

These days I'm casually explaining to my high school students that it's steem. I have understood that we must first talk about the concept of money and, necessarily, then review who are the trusted people to whom we deliver our transactions.

A great example would be the steemtorch experiment which highlights the trust but also the speed among other things in this ecosystem.

Best of lack bud!

We know Steem works, but the concept may be too radical for many to comprehend. The platform is by no means perfect and can be exploited for profit, but I would hope that enough of us can police it to keep the abuse manageable. It is the wild west, but has amazing potential.

I just wish that people could use that very same creativity to find exploits, to build stuff so that we can escalate...

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every transaction takes advantage

I also think the same things about Steam but I don't understand why the price is so low

You mean STEEM, right? :)

The price is an indicator of appreciation...for the time being it is an unappreciated asset...but for the time being only ;)

You are Right! I mean STEEM. My phone voice reader doesn't work weel.

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Not sure how many people around have real experiance with other chains ....

  1. Bitcoin .... I have been buying BTC from locals ... you need to sit and drink coffee and wait the transaction

  2. ETH .... sending eth from one account to other is decent ... probably 5 min .... buuuutttt... you pay fees ... real fees ... $1 ..$2 .... if you have used to your free steem transactions .... try eth and buy gas and see how it feels when you are use to the steem free and fast transactions

  3. Games .... I have some gods unchained card ... trading them is much worst... put a sale order on Open Sea ... again first you pay fees as seller ... if your cards are doesnt make sens to trade them at all. ...again when you are used to trading splinterlands cards smooth on steem this is a totaly complete oposite experiance

  4. EOS... I have beem playing EosKnights last year.... all the time I had the low CPU issue ... cant transact.... low CPU... probably a few times per week ... the chain get busy and you need to stake more cpu...200$ dollars staked and still issues

I can go on and number more... all the above cold hard facts...

Oh trust me...I know...It's them, the outsiders that still don't know shit...



I'm sincerely hoping that people will realize that this is a very consistent part of a not-so-distant future!

Not so distant future...Amen

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