Why Is It Important to Promote Steem on OTHER Social Networks?

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If someone knows me for a longer time, he would know that I have NEVER been the "social network guy"... BTW, you don't have to know me for a long time, just take a look at my Facebook or Twitter account that I have for over a decade! And then check my posts prior to July/August and you will know what I'm talking about... Almost ZERO activity!

I have come to Steem Network early THIS year, so I'm still a newbie here... A few months after that, I have found #SteemSavvy community (now #CTP Tribe) and I have decided to step out from my comfort zone (anonymity)! I was always feeling more comfortable behind the scene, doing background work and this was my 180-degree turn...


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I will share with you guys my 3 months journey on Twitter after my "new start". I think that it was the end of August when I decided to move my a*s and spread the word of Steem on Twitter, or should I say, lured by @jongolson. :)
Those stats really suck.. :)

Then I have decided to push a little more in September, but occasionally I forgot to post on Twitter... Anyways, the stats look much better.
2 new followers, 1937 total impressions with only 13 tweets...

Then October came and I was posting almost every day of the month..
12 new followers, 27 tweets and 8002 impressions! Woah! That was nice to see... The Top tweet had 830 impressions...

Now, we didn't get to the middle of the month and I was surprised to see these stats!
Number of impressions from October reached with only 19 tweets, the top tweet had 1191 impressions and great number of mentions!

Okay, I find myself as a little bug on Twitter because I don't have a large base of followers and I didn't work on my account for ages... But, anyway, I'm really happy with my short-term results...


And the best thing is that I was promoting STEEM in almost EVERY posted tweet!

Why is all this important at all?

Well, there are more reasons why...

Firstly, with promoting my posts I was promoting the whole #Steem network, #NewSteem movement, not rarely #CTP, #SteemLEO and some other tribes and cryptocurrencies in general... And we have to admit that promoting these things can't be never too much... Crypto and blockchain, in general, had to be talked about much more...

Secondly, I was doing that to bring attention to my posts, to my opinion and my thoughts about some topics... I was yelling out loud that "I'm here and I have something to say!" Everybody knows that it is difficult to be seen INSIDE the Steem, so Twitter promotion can be handy...

I will not get deep into other reasons, but you get the point... More exposure on social networks can only benefit the Steem, your business, and of course building your brand! You will become recognizable and your voice will be heard...

And a little of shameless promotion... Follow me on Twitter ph1103 (I can't remember why I'm not ph1102, but I have probably forget the password and changed the email lol... or it was just unavailable :) )


.:. .:. .:. .:. .:. .:. .:. .:. .:. .:. .:. .:. .:. .:. .:. .:. .:. .:. .:. .:. .:. .:. .:. .:. .:.

Don't forget to follow, resteem and browse my steempage to stay connected with all the great stuff!

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This is what is so frustrating to me and seeing how the powers that be on the blockchain ignored the efforts of people like @NathanMars There is massive power in social media...And it's so important for Steem and Steemians to be visible on it.

Great stuff man and I think you are just getting started :)

I wasn't active on Twitter when Nathan was all around it, but I know what was about... And I agree that it was ignored by other big players... Anyway, STEEM is everyone's, so nobody can take it from us... We will push slow and steady... That way always wins in the long run...

It's absolutely crucial thank you for reminding everybody.

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Thanks for taking the time to read and comment! I was reminding myself also :)

You should give Uptrennd a shot 😎

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Honestly, I have checked it in the past, but didn't get involved... Don't know why.... I will check it again :)
Thanks for advice :)

That is some impressive stats for such a short time @ph1102, and as you said spreading the word of Steem and CTP and our whole ecosystem don't just get people to recognize your content, but also the platform you're using to publish it and the engagement and earnings you get here, keep up your great work and stay awesome.

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Thanks for the upvote and comment! And promoting STEEM post on other social networks is a win-win combination!

Thanks @ph1102, win-win is the best combination, keep up your awesome work.

Keep at it my friend. I tweet out my daily blog post every day.


Thanks, Bradley! What is your username on Twitter?

That's why I didn't manage to find you... lol

Thanks for the shout-out Zoltan on your Twitter stats. Yes, I checked ph1102 and that one had been taken by Pearl two months before you joined.

To get followers: go to my Twitter account and follow the tweeps I follow, since most of them follow me back.

Here's the technique: open up in a new tab my list of following, hover your cursor over each name, click follow. Twitter changed their engagement rules seven months ago so we can now get 400 actions per day. Be careful though, I still recommend no more than 100 follows and 50 unfollows every day.

I had my Twitter account suspended nearly 10 years ago, and boy that was a real pain in the aaaaaaz!

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Thanks for the tip, Ian! I'm not running to get as many followers as I can in the short term... I rather pick them one by one with similar interests as mine... Every day I pick 10-20 people to follow... Don't want to go to the limits... I like the slow and steady approach...