Good to See Off Topic Posts Getting Rewards on POB



Good to see users getting rewards on POB for the posts that are off topic. By off topic I mean, posts that have content not about POB tribe only.

We have seen posts with big rewards that were written about POB. And probably it still continues, but I think nothing is wrong with it if these posts are written well.

But it's good that we see good rewards as well for these random posts like sharing photography, writing about one's experiences etc.

This is where the value we can get. We may get some traffic from outside hive blockchain if our valued posts are ranked on search engines like Google etc.

So I suggest content writers to share their life experiences, share their cool photography, share some tips, food recipes etc.

I would also request whales try to promote these sort posts as well, so that we may see value come out of these posts. It's good for the platform.

We also need a few tips on how to do Search Engine Optimization for our posts, so that we may also rank on search engines and drive more outside traffic. Probably this is the main thing about which we don't see much.