Maximum Rewards: A Draft Proposal by @vempromundo


I was reading a draft proposal from @vempromundo where he proposed about the maximum rewards being received by the publications.

I would back up this proposal but there also a few questions that comes to my mind, which are:

  • Who will decide what content to receive how much rewards?

  • Who is going to downvote posts with maximum rewards?

  • Isn't it going to create a downvote war?

  • Is it going to stop Authors from putting too much efforts in their posts?

  • We are talking about publications with maximum rewards but what about posts with low rewards?

What Content to Receive How Much Rewards

We don't have any parameter here to decide which post should be rewarded how much.

And what if a post goes beyond 200 POB, who will decide that post didn't deserve that much, who will set the parameter?

Who is Going to Downvote?

Now let's say we have decided a certain publication has gone beyond 200 POB, now who is going to downvote it? Isn't it going to create downvote war?

There likely a good chance that the author may counter downvote. So probably we may create this mess of downvote wars.

Efforts From Authors on Their Posts

So if the author already knew that my post won't be making maximum rewards because we could be downvoted, does it mean that the authors will not put much efforts into their posts?

What About Posts With Low Rewards

We are talking about posts with maximum rewards, what about the authors who are good at content writing and still they receive little rewards?

No doubt I see here ordinary posts receiving maximum rewards but who is going to downvote them, when they are upvoted by some of the whales.

We should focus more on authors who receive less rewards for their publication, so that we may not loose them.