Smart Hivians? Prices are Down but Holders Have Increased

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Looking at the stats of numbers of accounts that hold Bitcoin made me think how less prices make most of the users sell their Bitcoin in panic and sometimes FOMO can also lead them to panic sell.


Looking at the prices of Bitcoin on 1st May it was around $57828 and now as the prices have taken a dip we see the number of Holders decrease as we see in the graph above taken from

I think Elon Musk has a big part in this FOMO making people sell in panic.

On the other hand if we look at wleo it was pricing at $0.63 and now that we see the prices of wleo are down, the number of holders have increased.


This is pretty much interesting to see how smart Hivians are. They have that knowledge about what to do when the prices are down, they know it's the time to Hold instead of panic selling.

I have been urging to hold when you see the prices down. Thanks to @onealfa supporting our stance regarding Holding.

I think Hivians who have some knowledge of crypto have played a role in educating newbies, which could benefit them in the longer run.

Thanks for the read.


The simple strategy is "buy at a low price" and "sell at a high price"

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I am glad you understand the strategy

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