On-boarding on POB Frontend with Twitter

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I am one of those lucky fellows on this platform who received the delegation from the @vempromundo, not only once but twice. I am really becoming fan of this platform.

I recently observed that there was a @pob-fund set up for the future developments of the platform. The prices of the tokens have skyrocketted in the last couple of days and i just hope they continue to do so.

I am a regular twitter contributor. I prefer to use those platforms which are integrated with the twitter. This is one factor which many people like me consider while exploring different platforms and websites.

I would like to suggest the #proofofbrain team that when they are developing new features they should also consider developing the integration with the twitter which helps them to on-board new twitter users.

![social.jpg](UPLOAD FAILED)

#leofinance has done it successfully in the past. There is a lot to learn from the success of leofinance when we are transforming from another hive front-end to a matured content rewarding solution.

I would be more than happy to login with the twitter logins instead of following the long keys of the hive blockchain.

Secondly, this would also help the #pob community to verify the social media profiles of the users here and in future can make it mandatory to link it in order to get rid of the spammers.


Well i agree with most of your points. Twitter can be a good point of integration but at the same time we can consider other social media integrations as well. Facebook and pinterest users should not be left aside

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I think it’s also a welcome idea to follow, but I also think before we get to that point, let’s keep building. Slow and steady always wins the race

Am sure there are plans for such in the future. Hopefully proofofbrainio would be able to give updates on such issues.

Hope you’re doing good over there mate?😎

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Mandatory? :))
To what?
To check our social profiles?

Do you know where you are?

I was about to vote, even felt like upvoting at some point, but your ending is fabulous!
Curate spammers manually, that's why you get a delegation.
People have the right to their own social media discretion and if someone doesn't want to link any of their centralized social media into the blockchain or doesn't have a Twitter account, then what? Putting things into MANDATORY frames will only make this place more and more restrictive. Part of engagement in Gamification and in any other field is FREEDOM. Anyway....do your thing, guys! I'll just watch while having pop-corn!

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I think you have made a valid point. Though twitter or other social profiles can not be made mandatory, we need to integrate them. If anyone is not on twitter and only on blockchain then they should have the option of using the wallet keys.

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