The power of a 'Never give up!' attitude - Day 4


I am asking myself, why? I can stop working and live from crypto, but i do not. I enjoy testing new projects, from zero to Hero, and I was quite succesful in at least five of them, reaching 5-6 digits in each, getting even close to 7 digits. Yet, the normal job is the one anchoring me to the reality. All the friends are working a 9 to 5 job, or even an 8-20 one, if they are my colleagues. Seems somehow surreal, and i find myself saying, just another year. Another year of accumulation, as we are still at the beginning of this amazing crypto adventure. If you are following me, you know that iI dable in masternodes, staking, CEFI, DEFI, blockchain gaming, liquidity providing, even one or two NFTs.

I like to learn, this is my special skill and my superpower, and I can do it fast, when I am properly motivated, or much slower, if I am just curious.

Thinking about long forgoten lessons today. The ranks of learning - beginner, novice, expert, master, virtuoso. You are a novice when you put 10 hours into learning a skill, you may need 100 hours to become above average, 10.000 to master a skill, and probably 100.000 hours to be the best of the best. On the last one, the experts are not really agreeing, some said you need to start early as a child, when your learning skills are 10 times faster than an adult. Some are saying that the age doesn't matter, you just need to put in the hours. Talent and familiarity are halving the time needed. Other skills mastered already are also hastening the learning process. The more the better.

How much hours did you put into learning about crypto? If you read this post, probably more than 100, so you are above average, getting closer and closer to mastery. Congratulations! Never stop learning. Remember that there is a posibility that genius is just made by the right ciscumstances and hard work. All three Polgar sisters becoming chessmasters supports this theory.

When it seems that your work is not bringing the expected results, you need to keep going. I know someone that was grinding 10.000 satoshi every day from some obscure faucet, and right now it has more than 5 BTC. Ten thousands at the time, day by day, all added to a Blockfi account. Some luck buying Compound early. And he managed to become financially independent. There is method in madness. Day by day, one Hive or one Cake at the time. Never stop. Diversify. And put some 5-10% of your portfolio in some solid projects. You will see the light, eventually.

That's all for today. I was working for 12 hours, and it is time for me to rest.
Have a good week ahead.


Very true!