It's Hive Power Up Day Again!!


Screenshot (2657).png

I'm always excited on the 1st of the month 'cause that's when I make every effort to find ways to get as much hive as I can so I can participate in the #HIVEPUD!!

This month I was able to earn a few dollars on coinbase thru learning about other crypto currencies and platforms. I then convert those earnings into litecoin and buy #hive.

Screenshot (2658).png

This month I was able to power up 50 #HIVE, and below you'll see my #HIVE balance of 1.427 Hive and the increase of my 3hivepower to 661.715 which puts me 50 hive power closer for my goal this year.

Screenshot (2659).png

At the time of this writing there is still about 1hour and 50minutes left if you haven't powered up yet for #HivePUD.

See Ya next month!