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RE: How is the economical situation in your country?

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For this mission we would like to learn how life and the economy is doing in your country?

The economy in my country is absolutely poor.

How did your country master the pandemic and how much have the local businesses suffered

After so much fraud and lies of the increase in number everyday, we still came through. As for businesses, some went bankrupt. Businesses suffered loss due to the pandemic and those losses hindered the growth of the business.

Do you feel that people are much poorer than before covid spread?

We were just good before the outbreak of the deadly disease where we all got stuck in our houses, which created avenue for the increase in price of goods. Right now things are very difficult and some people even go without food for days. This is because of the rise in market price.

Are people hopeful for the future?

Truth be told no one I have come across so far is having any positive hopes lol including myself. If the price in stocks wanna get higher and higher everyday, we would just accept our fate and life continues. I only feel for those who feed from hand to mouth.

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Thanks a lot for this amazing comment. Things don't look well. Could you tell me in which country you live?



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